In Indian tradition, mehndi is considered prominent old traditions of Indian wedding culture. An Indin wedding seems faded, without any glitter and glamour. Indian wedding is incomplete without mehndi ceremonies. Whether it is a wedding season or any other occasion mehndi is always on the top, especially for women they love mehndi dgn (Mehndi design).

Mehndi cherishes the charm of every womens hand. In the last few years, Mehndi dezines are becoming more trendy and creative though the traditional design has always remained on the top. As mehndi dezines have become more creative than before, so is the names of mehndi designs are changing and gradually people are recognising mehndi design as mehndi dgn. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation understanding your problem, we bring you the top classy mehndi design, which you can easily make yourself by glancing at them. Here we have brought to you the chosen and tardiest mehndi designs.

Top Classy Mehndi Design

Best Mehndi Designs of 2020

We have spotted the most, unique and best mehndi dgn for all of you. As soon as the month of Sawan starts, women get very excited to get Mehndi done on their hands. In this month, there is a huge craze, among women for mehndi. Someone likes a full hand mehndi dezine while someone likes a simple bell. On the other hold, if you are also thinking of applying mehndi, then we have brought the best mehndi design of 2020 for you.

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Best Mehndi Design For Bride

We all know that the wedding season is knocking at the door. While it seems faded without any glitter and glamour in an Indian wedding. Indian wedding is incomplete without mehndi. Without Best Mehndi Design For Bride, Mehndi Ceremony is incomplete. Mehndi Ceremony is the best part of any wedding ceremony. It is Because mehndi is considered a prominent old tradition of Indian wedding culture. There are a lot of motifs in mehndi dgn for the wedding season that adds beauty to the brides hands. It is, said that the colour of the mehndi shows how much the groom loves the bride.

Some of the best bridal mehndi dezines are as follows:

Mehndi Designs For Back Hand

Whether it is a wedding occasion or a festival, henna becomes a task. By the way, many designs of mehndi can be seen in the market nowadays. But if we talk about mehndi designs for backhand, then they are very, less due to which often girls make the same type of designs on the front and back of their hands. But today we have brought some best mehndi dgn for the backhand which you can put on in any auspicious occasion.

Some of the best backhand mehndi designs are as follows:

Arabic Mehndi Designs For Back Hand

Arabic Mehndi Design is the perfect mehndi design for any and every occasion. These designs also include a lot of leafy motifs, architecture-inspired patterns and neat checkered arrangements. besides this, the designs also contain a lot of chequered patterns, meshwork, and dot work, all done diagonally. Mostly, women demand an Arabic style of Mehndi designs. We have brought to you the best Arabic Mehndi Designs For Back Hand which are beautiful, latest & traditional.

Some of the best Arabic mehndi designs are as follows:

Easy Mehndi Designs For Feet

If you are just learning to apply Mehndi, it can be tough to find easy Mehndi designs that are pretty. No matters what would be the festival or the occasion of the wedding, mehndi has become a kind of ritual else you can say it as mandatory. Therefore we have brought a solution for you, we have made your work easier by bringing up the easiest mehndi designs.

Some of the best easy & simple mehndi designs are as follows:

Full Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi stood a symbol of joy, happiness, beauty and positive energy. Since very ancient times and its beauty still stands in a lot of trends. Mostly, full hand mehndi is preferred, for brides, but it's a women's choice and preference of selecting a mehndi design. That is why we have brought you some fabulous full hand mehndi design which has been designed by some special, designers.

Some of the best full hand mehndi designs are as follows:

Finger Mehndi Designs

Although there are many Mehndi designs we have brought to you but in this blog, we are going to tell you about some creative and easy mehndi designs which are specially made, for fingers. There are amazingly beautiful mehndi designs, specially created for your fingers. These mehndi designs always give you a unique & quick pretty look to your fingers & hands as well. There are mostly jewellery designs made on your fingers but we have brought something classy this time, let's check it out.

Some of the best finger mehndi designs are as follows:

30+ Latest Mehndi Design Bail 2020

Bails can be created, with many patterns such as peacock, conch, flower, vine and leaves & more. There can be thousands of bail mehndi designs available but why not try out latest bail mehndi designs of 2020?

Some of the latest bail mehndi designs are as follows:

Pakistani Mehndi Design

Pakistani mehndi designs are a representation of art, culture, tradition, and celebration. These designs are usually bold. We have accordingly created a list of beautiful Pakistani Mehandi designs in our blog.

Some of the latest Pakistani mehndi designs are as follows:

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi is mostly created, with flowery artwork, paisleys and free-flowing diagonal trails. These designs also include a lot of leafy themes, architecture-inspired patterns. These are best known for their beautiful flowery and leafy trails that emerge, from the index finger to the wrist and ahead. You can apply it on both the front and the back sides of each hand.

Some of the latest Arabic mehndi designs are as follows:

Karva Chauth Mehendi Designs

In India Karva Chauth is the most festival celebrated by Hindu women. Women keep fasts for the whole day in praise of their husbands long life. Mehndi is a beautiful way to show love to your husband. Karva Chauth is all about celebrating that special bond between a husband and wife.

Some of the latest Karava Chauth mehndi designs are as follows:

Mehndi Designs For Foot

Mehndi is the most important, part of an Indian ceremony. On the occasion of the Indian wedding, the bride applies Mehndi to her hands and feet. However, there are a variety of designs you can choose at your wedding but, we are here to show you some latest and trendy mehndi designs for foot, which will surely match up with your outfit and will make your feet look perfect.

Some of the latest foot mehndi designs are as follows:

Mehndi Designs For Kids

Not only by women, but mehndi's are loved by the children also. Choosing cute mehndi designs for kids will give their fingers and hand a beautiful appearance. Many kids mehndi designs are easy and simple which can be done, in a short time. The wonderful thing about little girls or little kids mehndi designs is that you can make it great in a creative way of mehndi patterns from giving them cartoon patterns to lovely floral Mehndi designs.

Some of the latest foot mehndi designs are as follows:

Peacock Mehndi Design

The peacock design is widely used in India as it is a symbol of pride and love. The peacock design is a traditional & respectful part of Hindu religion. Well, you will get lots of variety in mehndi designs, but peacock mehndi design has a slight different craze in women. So let us show you the best & latest peacock mehndi designs.

Some of the latest foot mehndi designs are as follows:

Half Hand Mehndi Designs

Current trends of applying mehndi have spread extremely fast in India and Arabian countries. The hands & feet are decorated, with a beautiful red, orange, black mehndi colour, which is made, from henna. Trends are changing so peoples choices are. Moreover, half hand mehndi trend has taken up the front seat nowadays.

Some of the latest half hand mehndi designs are as follows:

Mehndi Designs For Mom

Being the mother of the bride, it's not an easy job for you to handle & take care of the things at the wedding. So when it comes to putting on a mehndi dgn, then you deserved the best of all mehndi motifs.

Some of the best mehndi designs for mom are as follows

Ankle Mehndi Designs

The speciality of the design is that it has a lot of creativity, which makes it the most unique and different. Mehndi is not just made, for hands but also it is a tradition to have a mehndi for a diverse look on the feet as well. We have brought you the most trending ankle mehndi designs 2020. See what mehndi designs for legs you can try.

Some of the best ankle designs are as follows:

Net Mehndi Designs

There is a lot of mehndi dgn for the wedding season that adds beauty to the brides hands. But you do not need to worry at all for mehndi. We are showing you some of the best and latest net mehndi design that you can apply yourself at home too.

Some of the latest net designs are as follows:

Flower Mehndi Design

A flower mehndi design is created by making different flowers & patterns. Besides enhancing the beauty of hands, mehndi is also recognized, as an indication of celebrations & religious traditions of Hindu.

Some of the best flower designs are as follows:

Rajasthani Mehndi Design

You can make out from the name that the design we'll show is all from the Rajasthani style & tradition. Rajasthani Mehndi, Design is mostly liked by all. The tradition of Rajasthan state is reflected, with Folk dances, peacocks, elephants, twists and curls, flower and leafy patterns all are united into the Rajasthani Mehndi designing.

Some of the best Rajsthani designs are as follows:

Bengali Mehndi Designs

Mehndi has rolled out to be mainstream among women. Ive endeavoured to choose designs specifically yet generously do tell me whether these fit in Bengali custom or not. Here we have got some charming and pretty Bengali mehndi design.

Some of the best Bengali mehndi designs are as follows:

Traditional Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is considered, to be one of the most important and old traditions of Indian wedding culture. In the last few years, Mehndi designs are becoming more trending. Mehndi designs have become more creative, trendy & beautiful than before but still, the traditional touch always remains on the peak. We are going to show you the best traditional mehndi dgn.

Some of the best Traditional mehndi designs are as follows:

Jewellery Mehndi Designs

As you all know girls & women love wearing jewellery. History traces Indian womens penchant for adorning her hands and feet with intricate beautiful art. Whatever the design, be it Arabic, traditional, contemporary, geometric, floral or abstract, women will always get attracted to this embellishment more than any other creative decoration on their skin.

Some of the best Jewellery mehndi designs are as follows:

How To Get Dark Colour of Mehndi

Since ancient times, people have also acquired the concept that the darker the colour of henna. Though it is just a concept. But there are many ways to darken mehndi. This can also be used to give your mehndi a nice colour. We have some best ways which will help you darken you mehndi.

  • Wash hands before applying mehndi
  • Use of eucalyptus oil for dark mehndi
  • Give a long time to darken the colour of mehndi
  • Lemon and Sugar
  • Mustard oil to darken Mehndi
  • Mehndi Color Darken Carnation Smoke
  • Use Vicks to Darken Mehndi

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Bridal Mehndi Quotes

The bridal mehndi quotes designs are, on the track & much trending. We have brought the most trending & best bridal mehndi quotes to make your wedding more special and memorable.

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