We all know that Indian wedding & Hindu's occasions & ceremonies are incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi Ceremony is the best part of any Indian marriage. Mehndi is considered, to be one of the most important and old traditions of Indian wedding culture. In the last few years, Mehndi designs are becoming more trending. Mehndi designs have become more creative, trendy & beautiful than before. There are a lot of mehndi designs for bride, occasions and Hindu festivals that add charm to the women's hands. In this article, we are going to show you the best traditional mehndi designs all types of mehndi dezine.

Pretty and classic

It is one of the most beautiful mehndi design, mostly loved by the brides. This mehndi pattern is pretty and classic. It has an intricately carved design in various ways. It is famous in the form of small stylish designs that are made, on the fingers. The large pagli's design covers the palms.

Royal Architecture Mehndi

This pattern of Royal Architecture Mehndi reminds the bride of the beauty and architecture designs of the Mughal places of the country. In which the floral motif and dome are similar to the carved pillars of Royal Places. The main focus of this mehndi design is the checker pattern. This design matches decorations to a large extent. This theme is so pretty attractive.

Intricate designs

This mehndi design is one of the most common and intricate designs in the hands of the king and queen bride. In which the beautiful artwork of the king-queen is inspired. The design looks pretty attractive.

Elephant figure

This is an elephant design mehndi favourite design for Indian brides. In which the rotations have given to make this mehndi design unique. There is no doubt that this pattern is unique. It is different from other designs depicting the patterns of flowers and peacocks.

Peacock's design

This is a unique Peacock's design mostly used for the bride's hands. The highlights of peacock feathers look beautiful. This design can be assimilated, into various patterns. The refinement in this design is truly remarkable.

Traditional Jhumki

The main focus here is the Jhumki. The space of the fingers and the left part of the palm are creative, designed. The pattern looks very classy with the dots with the page pattern.

Net Peacock Traditional Mehndi

Net peacock mehndi design which is decorated to make the design more beautiful. This is a traditional design, although many women experiment with this theme to look unique on this special day.

Split Mandla

Split Mandla is also very famous and is considered to be the focal point of mehndi design. In this, the circle is made, with one hand and the same on the other hand, which makes the whole design the same shapely.

Cuffed Cuffs

The centre of attraction is the floral cuff on the wrist, which is created, with the help of hand rotation. It gives a modern look and looking at its design, it seems that the wrist is covered with bangles. Some similar figure is also carved, on the arms.

The Traditional Eye-Chache mehndi

This is one of the best mehndi designs that most women like. This design is unique & eye-chache. These designs help in attracting attention to the bridal jewellery. Which can be engraved, with the prop mandala.

Checkered Pattern For Leg

The checkered pattern is the best way to make you mehndi design looks catchy. This pattern gives a monotonous pattern look.

Blank fingertips

These designs are known to show minimal design near the bride's fingers. Which gives a beautiful look. This pattern is engraved with architecture and floral motifs.

Lacy floral Design

Lacey floral design flowers are reflected to be the biggest symbol of Femininity. In such a situation, when floral design meets with lacy design, it takes the form of unique and complex design.

Moroccan Mehndi Design

This beautiful mehndi design is from the Middle East. This design is seen as a geometric pattern, which is a traditional form of bridal design. It is used to enhance the beauty of the bride's hands.

Bangle style

This mehndi design is especially, used to highlight bangles. It is a heavy design, in which some gap between the wrist and elbow. It is kept so, that if the bride wears bangles, it highlighted more. Many women like this design.

Indian Traditional Mehndi Design

This design incorporates beautiful patterns of peacocks, flowers and human figures. If these designs are etched on hand, there is hardly any free space left. Because this design is complete in itself.

Pakistani Traditional Mehndi Design

This Pakistani mehndi design is an elegant and classy combination of Indian and Arabic design. This design is floral design, balance design like page pattern.

Indo-Arabic Traditional Design

These designs are carved with traditional patterns that give a very delicate and classy look. This design is considered the best design for all Indian brides.

Rajasthani Traditional Mehndi Designs

This Rajasthani mehndi design incorporates traditional designs like peacock, beautiful flowers etc. This design is a heavy mehndi look which suits utterly on Indian brides. These designs cover the entire hand, making the bride's hands look very beautiful.

The Traditional Combination

An amazing combination of various floral motifs. This design consists of lotus flowers, lotus buds, lilies and a finely created patterns of mehndi design.

Hopefully, the article Traditional Mehndi Designs listed above will make your experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.