Best 2023 Mehndi Designs For Back Hand & Much More!!

There has always been the tradition of applying mehndi on hands specially on marriages and festival season. Be it India or any part of the world. Nowadays, every woman likes to decorate her hands with beautiful designs of mehndi. Mehndi design and style vary in each culture. When it comes to Mehndi Designs For Back hand, everyone goes to the mehndi artists. Whether it is Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Nepal, Kazakhstan or people from other places mehndi design patterns do get bifurcate. Mehndi is applied in the hands according to all the functions & Indian rituals, but there are some designs that people will always find for.

Nevertheless, if you pick mehndi designs precisely, your back hand mehndi designs can intensify the charm of your Mehendi. By the way, many designs of mehndi can be seen in the market nowadays, but if we talk about mehndi designs for back hand, then they are very less due to which often girls make the same type of designs on the front and back of their hands. But today we have brought some best mehndi designs for back hand which you can put on in any auspicious occasion.

How To Apply Mehndi?

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Before we talk about Mehndi Designs For Back hand. Here weall you will learn and know how to apply Mehndi in the right way. Before applying Mehndi, pay attention to these steps:

  • Mix 1 to 3 ml of henna oil in 10 grams of henna powder. Do not use more oil than this quantity. Now your mehndi oil is ready.
  • Wash hands at least half an hour before applying mehndi. First, wipe your hands with a towel. Then wait until the hands dry entirely.
  • Do not apply any oil or cream on the palms and feet before applying mehndi after drying your hands. Therefore, before applying mehndi, your hands and feet should be dry so that the colour of your mehndi remains thick & long-lasting.
  • Applying essential oil(mehndi oil) before applying henna, as it deepens & long lasts the colour of your mehndi.
  • If you wish to have a beautiful & dark then you will have to give it a little time. One reason for mehndi not being perfectly long-lasting is that we do not give it the right time. It is essential to be patient while applying mehndi so that the design comes out is classic & perfect.
  • Choose the best mehndi designs and apply it accordingly or you can take the help of somebody who is a pro.
  • Mix lemon and sugar, make a syrup & apply it on your dried mehndi. It will help to deepen the colour of mehndi. Remember to apply a thick layer of this mixture of lemon and sugar on the dried mehndi and this will make the colour of the mehndi dark brown. (For more tips to dark your mehndi click here)
  • Now its time to give yourself a patience call & leave the mehndi for 8-9 hours. Try to apply mehndi at night.

Tip: After the henna dries up, wrap the foil in your hands. Foil paper not only makes the colour of mehndi darker & think but also it prevents dried mehndi from falling & creating a mess in your room.

Tips To Remove Henna from Your Skin

1. Saltwater soak

Salt is a very good cleanser. Put water in a bowl and dissolve a few spoons of salt in it. Now put your henna hands in this saltwater for 15-20 minutes. After that wash hands well.


Lemon has bleaching properties. This is why lemon is a safe and suitable way of removing mehndi. Take a piece of lemon and rub it on your hands. By doing this daily, the mehndi will be removed from the hands in a few days.


Apply toothpaste on your hands, when the paste dried, rub it clean. Believe me, it will make the colour of henna very light!

4.Salt and olive oil

Mix salt and olive oil and then apply this mixture on your hands with the help of cotton. Wash hands, after applying for some time. This measure will also give good results.

5.Baking soda

Baking soda also has bleaching properties. Add a few drops of lemon juice to a spoonful of baking soda and mix well. After applying it for some time, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash hands with lukewarm water.


Chlorine is another way to remove mehndi with hands. Add chlorine and water and keep your hands immersed in it for a few minutes. Then wash it with cold water. Mehndi will be removed soon by using this remedy.

Abstract mehndi

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It is considered to be one of the most common Mehndi Designs For Back hand. The hands are completely covered & decorated with the help of various beautiful designs. Well, these designs are often made more on a particular occasion. If your wedding is near then you can make your hands full with this beautiful abstract mehndi design. These designs look great on occasions like weddings & ring ceremonies.

Glitter mehndi

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Use glitter on the henna to give it a unique & glittery look. Nowadays, many girls use glitter to decorate their mehndi. In this, you can also use several coloured glitters on your hands at once or you can decorate your mehndi design only from the outer side. Well, the bright, green or silver colours will add glamour to your mehndi design.

Arabic mehndi designs

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Arabic mehndi has become very common these days and the best thing about them is that it can be applied on any occasion. This design is very simple and beautiful. In this design, entire hands are not covered with flowery designs. This looks very good on the back of the hands. This Arabic design will be perfect for a Haldi & engagement ceremony.

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Intricate Jaali Work

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This net mehndi design consists of small boxes which give an attractive effect. It looks different and chained. It a bridesmaid or that mehndi ceremony you are headed to. You can try it out for some ceremony or else this design can suits normally also.

Jewellery Design

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Mehndi of jewellery designs is one of the best suited for brides & married women. A perfect significance of ornaments for a ladyas pride. The design looks intricate yet pretty. Black mehndi can be used for this design. We would recommend that you stick to the good old original henna. Nothing beats that colour which is organic and pure and traditional.

Bel Design

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Bail mehndi design is also one of the most common designs in mehndi art. If you love bold & clear designs then this design is for you. We found it very interesting as the bail made here is somehow adding grace to the entire design. Of course, you can make some changes to the design with whatever you like but we suggest that you take a picture of this or a screenshot and take it to your Mehendiwaala.

Rings Designs

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Rings are mostly loved by women. So, this one is for all the ladies who love pieces of jewellery especially rings. This one looks like a blend of tribal prints and the midi rings made on the fingers look so pretty! What caught our attention was the diagonal design. Somehow when the designs are not in your everyday shape, they attract the human eye.

Wreath Designs

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It is bold, super floral a wreath-like design is very different and we can imagine a rustic rose nail paint to complete the look. It will look super cute when you wear a white tee with denim or a white kurta. This design is the most simple yet attractive. While it suits all the attire.

Lotus Arabic mehndi design

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Lotus are an integral part of flower mehndi designs of various kinds while lotus is a fresh new entrant. We have brought you one of our Indian significant, flower design for mehndi. This mehndi art looks traditional and cool. So why not go for a lotus design.

Half Hand Mehendi Designs

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Half hand mehndi design works perfectly for minimalistic & Intimate weddings. This is one of the unique design of all others. In this design, half of the hand are bare and half of them are covered with mehndi. This gives a very dramatic look to your mehndi art.

Crochet style Mehndi

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Crochet style Mehndi looks best on the back of the palm and the same can be replicated on the front palm. This design is originated from the acrocheta. It comes with filling in structures and motifs that give the vibrant and dark colour to the mehndi. The sweet and simple mehndi design is the best-looking festival and party.

Lotus Flower with Various Mehndi Motifs

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This is one of the prettiest mehndi designs made for backhands. It has lotus motifs, leaves, and creative patterns made. The mehndi is also made with two shades- dark & light. This makes the whole look of mehndi more eye-catchy.

The Roses Mehndi Motifs

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The mehndi design is a combination of Mandala & Roses. The backhand fingers are beautifully decorated, with curves & lines. The dark & light shaded pattern is beautiful, made.

The Traditional Mandala Pattern for Backhands

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It is a very simple & traditional mehndi pattern which has a round mandala in the centre & some jewellery like patterns adjoining it to the above various patterns, looky quiet simple & nice.

Round Mandala Center Pattern

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This lovely mehndi design has a mandala design enclosed in a round-shaped frame. All the fingers exhibit the same pattern, and as the band moves towards the wrist and front, different bands appear, which look very attractive.

Criss-Cross Traditional Mehndi

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This leafy net mehndi works well for bridesmaids and family members. One of the best-suited net mehndi designs for brides. This style of applying mehndi is very anomalous.

The Floral Bail Backhand Mehndi

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The blossoms have a simple petal pattern which is simple to make & the petals are loaded, in with henna. The mehndi on finger holds an elegant line which makes it a bold design. This beautiful design is a perfect fit for weddings and family functions.

The Backhand Bloom Mehndi

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This Mehandi design has a Persian curved pattern that looks awesome. The central part has a cool mesh design with some roses & leaves, and the fingers are beautifully decorated, with swirling patterns. This is a perfect design for a wedding or reception.

White Glittered Mehndi

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You can use white or glitter on the henna to give it a different look. Nowadays, many girls use glitter to decorate their mehndi. In this, you can also use several glitters & colours on your hands at once or you can decorate your mehndi design only from the outer side. By the way, bright, green or silver colours are used to decorate mehndi.

Short Diamonds Mehndi Designs

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This mehndi design totally defines simplicity. The dotted neck with flowers design is such a simple & modern mehndi design. This leafy net mehndi works well for bridesmaids and family members.

Diamond shaped Mehndi Design

This is the best simple design. The fingers are filled with different designs and a diamond shaped design is made between the hands which looks so elegant. And, the sides besides the diamond remains empty it gives a fuller look.

Pakistani Bloom Mehndi Design

This design cover your fingers with unique and aesthetic designs. Here, the mehndi design gives bracelet look at the back of your hand. This mehndi gives Pakistani look.

Peacock Mehndi Design

In India, Peacock is the national bird and it represents royalty. Combining peacocks designs gives a festive look in the backhand design. One can elaborate many peacock feathers design which can give royal mehndi look

Flowery Art Mehndi Design

Flowery Art is one of the most aesthetic mehndi design. Here, we use lots of flowers to make a mehndi design. And fingers are also covered with lots of baby flowers which look really royal.

Tattoo Mehndi Design

This is one of the perfect mehndi design of all time. This design gives a very subtle look on the hands. Kids who loves tattoos prefers these design which brings them joy of applying mehndi to their hands.


What is Henna & Mehndi?

Henna is a plant that grows in hot climates and can be found in most Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt and India.Do you make your henna? Is it safe?

Yes and yes! Henna is safe and natural for everyone to useHow long does the mehndi colour last on the skin?

The henna stain will last until the skin it dyes exfoliates. Stains can last from 1-4weeks depending on the area it is on, aftercare and how much the skin is exfoliated.Where is Henna (Mehndi) applied?

Henna is traditionally applied, on the hands, feet & hairs.What Colors Are Available?

The natural colour of henna, when applied to the skin, varies from dark brown to deep burnt orange.How Long Does mehndi color Last?

The designs will last anywhere from 1-6 weeks.Where Is Mehndi Available?

You can do it yourself or buy online else go to check festivals, fairs, tattoo shops, and salons.

Hopefully, the article aBest Mehndi Designs For Back handa listed above will make your experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.