It's easy for a professional to create the most amazing mehndi designs but for a beginner, it is just the opposite task. As you know, mehndi is an important part of Hindu traditions. Especially an Indian wedding seems faded, without any glitter and glamour. Indian wedding is incomplete without mehndi ceremonies. Mehndi has been an essential part of womens grooming on special occasions like marriage, engagements and others. Most of the mehndi designs you come across are complex and need expertise. In this article, we have brought to you theSimple Mehndi Designs For Beginnersthat you can start with.

Simple & Pretty Mandala Design

We have picked out a basic mandala design with a flowery pattern that will be absolute for festivals and special occasions. It is easy to wear & looks pretty.

Two Tiny Flowers with Henna on Fingertips

Go for a simple & pretty design. Start with creating a simple flower with henna with the help of a mehndi keep.

The Creative Floral Simple Pattern

This simple mehndi design looks beautiful and attractive. You can apply it at home very comfortably and easily. The design of creative, lattice and flowers has been more followed to apply it.

Simple Dark Henna on Finger Tips

Pick up you keep and spread henna all around your finger tips. Then make a circle or two around the fingers while leaving gap.

Round Centered Circle Simple Mehndi

The mehndi with welt design also looks very beautiful. You can try it if you want. It is very, easy to apply and looks beautiful after creating it.

Thumd & a Half Palm Mehndi

Not only this, to give a distinctive style to mehndi design, you can also apply glitter onto this mehndi design. But applying the same on the wrist andfingersof hands will make your hands look more attractive.

Simple Opposite Triangle Dotted Pattern

A simple Triangle -shaped design with small dots looks beautiful and simple. If you are wishing for a simple & pretty mehndi look then this will go perfectly fit.

Square Shaped Simple Mehndi Motif

It's a square-shaped mehndi motif which can be completed by designing four small on one hand and one huge square on the other. Add some dotter leaves to complete the design.

Mango Shaped Simple Motif

Create a mango shaped motif in the centre of your hand, then slowly make straight tiny lines, then add dots connected together to form a beautiful mango-shaped simple mehndi.

Huge Mandala Flower with Dotted Chains

A huge flower in the centre with a small dotted chain connects it to the middle finger. It is Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners & cute mehndi look.

The Mehndi Pattern Motifs inside the Circle

The girls love it because it looks gorgeous after creating it. It is very convenient to apply. By creating an outline outside, you shed it inside. Shading is quite easy as it helps to enhance the look of your mehndi.

Pointed leafy Finger Mandala Pattern

This mehndi design for fingers is a marvellous choice. This mehndi design will be surpassing for your fingers. If you like this mehndi design, you can use it at your fingertips. It is created, with lines, small pattern and spiked designs.

A Simple Square with Star Inside

This Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners is made by creating a square and adding a star inside it. It is so simple that it takes approx five minutes to get completed.

Quick & Common Simple Mehndi

This mehndi is Quick to do and is a very common design from the beginning. You just need to cover your finger tips & create a circle with dark henna and a little touch of pattern around the circle.

Black Simple Mehndi Motif

Split Mandla is also very famous and is considered to be the focal point of mehndi design. In this, the circle is made, with one hand and you can do the same on the other hand, which makes the whole design the same shapely.

Curve Leaves on a Single Finger

A simple & yet unique design that is made by creating leaves & small line with little dots on it.

Orange Alta Style Mehndi

This floral alta mehndi design is beautifully designed, on the sides of hands. Various designs of flowers and leaves are the specialty of this beautiful mehndi art. So I suggest to all of you ladies that you can choose this design according to your nature without wasting time.

Curved Leave Simple Mehndi

This bail mehndi design is the perfect fit for girls and women as well. It is made of creating giant leaves on below. It has, also, designs of leaves on the finger.

Sleek & Simple Ring Jewellery

The design has beautiful rings on the fingers with pointed shapes which gives it a sleek look. This ring design will give a complete ring jewellery look. Style it with any western outfit.

Leaves from Tiny finger to the wrist

This is simple short but more beautiful. This design is made, with leaves and patterns with thin lines.

Floral and Bead Mehndi Design

This beautiful design gives very aesthetic look. This design includes basic motifs like flowers, dots and leaves, which can be made easily on the hands and look aesthetic. This design are super fresh and looks trendy on hands.

Modern Aztec Style Simple Mehndi Design

This kind of mehndi design gives western look and looks amazing on hands. It generally includes backhand designs and look flawless when people wear indian attire. This includes trendy patterns and beads which looks aesthetic.

Mesh Finger Mehndi Design

This is a very simple mehndi design which looks super amazing.. In this design we just have lines and simple floral patterns. This a a perfect pattern for your bestie's wedding which stands you out from the crowd.

Hathphool Mehndi Design

Hathphool design is a design which we generally found in jewelries but in mehndi also it gives really beautiful look which looks super fresh design.

Leafy Lines Mehndi Design

This is a simple but aesthetic mehndi design which gives fuller looks in the hands. It looks good when you have to apply mehndi for a basic festival which looks super aesthetic and gives royal look

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