The practice of applying Mehndi during weddings and festivals holds traditional and cultural significance to women in India. It is a paste of henna leaves, which is applied on hands and legs in various designs, and its colour lasts up to 1-2 weeks. History traces Indian womens penchant for adorning her hands and feet with intricate beautiful art. Whatever the design, be it Arabic, traditional, contemporary, geometric, floral or abstract, Jewellery Mehndi Design women will be always attracted to this embellishment more than any other creative decoration on their skin.

The origin of the new decade continues to bring a change in the meaning of Feminity and beauty. As the years pass by women, are getting more occupied with their work-life and opt for convenient and modern ways of beauty to beautify themselves, which has led to the new trend of Jewellery Mehendi design.

Jewellery Mehendi Design for Back Hand

These designs are more sophisticated, simple yet, eye-catching and are creating a buzz in the wedding season. So, why not try something new and fresh in this wedding season with our beautiful collection of Jewellery Mehndi Design.

The Repetitive Floral Jewel Design

This beautiful Mehendi design is made with flowers of different sizes usually in ascending order. The largest flower is drawn on the wrist and connected with the smallest flower on a finger which gives us a beautiful design.

The Finger design

In this mehndi design, all the fingers are drawn in a very beautiful & graceful manner like huge rings and a pretty design, in the centre of the backhand. It gives us a mesmerizing hand jewel style.

The Hanging Jewel design

In this mehndi design, the design is created on a jewel hanging from our fingers. Here, the design of latkan is made which gives an extra elegance to the hand. The wrist is usually empty but can be filled according to the design.

The Netted design

In this design, the idea of the net is used. The design is completely based on the design of net with big dots in middle to create a more bold yet subtle look. It requires a little patience and time but the outcome is very eye-catching.

The Handcuff design

In this design, the idea of handcuff is applied. It is very different from those of the usual mehndi designs, as it has a touch of modernity in it. The design is of Handcuff is replicated using flowers, nets, lines, to give us a rocking yet elegant Mehendi design.

The leafy touch design

Well, this design as a touch of nature and simplicity to it. It mostly consists of leaves, flower and branches but despite being simple, it never fails to mesmerize us with its outlooks.

The Heavy Jhumki design

This Mehendi design will never disappoint us!! It requires a lot of patience and preciseness. It has a lot of detailed work and fine art with numerous combined designs, which gives a Wow factor to it.

Net Ring Jewellery Design

This Mehendi design starts from one finger and forms a beautiful design all over the hand. Its seems like a simple design but gives a different look to our hand. It can be perfectly related with a hand jewel.

Modern Ring design

Just as the name suggests, its a ring inspired Mehendi design. Its a great Mehendi design for people who prefer simple yet elegant designs. It gives us the illusion of rings which are made of leaves and flowers.

Alternate Finger Jewellery Design

This design is made on alternate fingers. It is a really quick design to make. You can choose to draw different designs or make similar ones and connect them with lines and beads.

The v-shaped jewel design

In this design, the middle part is filled with delicate designs basically in a V-shape to give it a little structure. It is completed with a little or defines work on the wrist.

Miniature floral work

This design is made, using flowers and little leaves is a slightly S -shape and fill the entire backhand. It usually starts from one finger but can be modified accordingly.

Spiral Jewellery design

This design gives us full coverage on our hands. It gives us the feel of the Sun. It looks pretty simple but has complex work includes. It is filled with dots and small designs. It requires a lot of patience but breathing outcome!

The Bridal Jewellery Mehndi Design

This one is a gorgeous Jewellery mehndi design, specially made for the bride. The design is created, according to the jewellery worn by the bride on the backhands.

Floral Jewellery Mehndi

In this design, we put a beautiful flower and chain. Ring style mehndi art is very demanding in young girls who like pretty classic mehndi design.

The Modern Jewellery Mehndi Design

The mehndi design has detailings of tiny stars & stylish earrings created in a semi-circle a moon-like shape looks very, impressive on the backside of the hand.

The Traditional Jewellery Mehndi Pattern

It is not a modern design and will work best for brides mom & old women's who likes traditional mehndi art. It does not have those modern flower filling or net design. This is a very unique design but it is surely a good looking mehndi art.

Jewellery with a Ring

The design has a pretty ring pattern which is connected, with small chains. This jewellery mehndi design is unique and gorgeous.

The Anklet Jewellery Mehndi Design

Simple & Unique, mehndi design is made for the anklets. With the ring filling and beaded chains, this is a very modern design and looks fantastic on any kind of hands for almost any kind of occasion.

Hopefully, the article Jewellery Mehndi Designs listed above will make your experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.