Kajal plays a very important role to make the eyes look beautiful. Kajal has been considered indispensable for women. Find a kajal that suits you is not the only thing you know but also the best way to apply kajal in eyes perfectly. Buy a correct kajal for yourself according to the occasion and outfit.

Shop a kajal that suits your skin, make sure the kajal you use doesn't affect your skin & cause allergy. Always go for a kajal that has natural nourishing ingredients that keep your eyes healthy.

Best Way to apply kajal in Eyes

Make sure that the kajal is a water-proof & stays longer and does not smudge. You must clean your face and eyes before applying a kajal. If you have dark circles under your eyes, then apply some primer or foundation to hide them & also it will work as a base.

Tools and Products Required

Hold on do you have some essential products that are used in the application of kajal in your eyes. You will need the following items to the best way to apply kajal in eyes.

  • Primer or Base
  • Your favorite Kajal
  • Blending Kajal brush

Primer or Base

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Your Favourite Kajal

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Blending Kajal Brush

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Step by Step Tutorial To Apply Kajal Perfectly

Although there are various different techniques to do this one of the best steps involved in this we have arranged them in a simple step by step tutorial to apply Kajal perfectly.

Step 1- Apply Base

The most first & the most important step is to apply a base around your eyes to make the eye kajal long-lasting. Applying base can also hide your dark circles.

Step 2- Draw a Basic Lining

Kajal is the easiest way to pump up your eyes on an everyday basis. Draw a basic line by starting from the inner corner of your eyes and glide it towards the outer corner.

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Step 3- Upper Lid Application

No matter what size or shape of your eye is, applying kajal on upper lid becomes easier will complete the look. For upper lid application just make a little stretch to your eyes and gently apply kajal from the outer part to inner corner of your waterline.

Step4 - Smudge & Blend

Glide a dense amount of kajal on the lower lid and smoke it out by smudging it with a brush to create a light smokey effect.

To keep the Kajal off your eyes for a long time, use an eyeshadow only in the shade of dark brown or black. For this, take a flat brush and apply eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyelids & smudge it. By doing this will create a smokey kajal eye makeup look.

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The Final Look

Tips to follow while applying kajal

  • Watery eyes also spread your Kajal. In this case, you can use gel eyeliner. Applying Kajal with the help of a brush that will make your eyes super sticky and the Kajal of your eyes becomes smoother.
  • Stop applying kajal on the inner corners, if more water comes out from your eyes because it spreads more by applying kajal on the inner corner. Make a dark shade of kajal in the centre and then apply it on the outer side and lighten the inner side. Doing this will not spread the Kajal and it will take you.
  • Besides, if your skin is oily and oil comes out on the corners of your eyelids and eyes, then you can touch-up with powder to prevent the kajal from spreading.
  • Always remove your make up while going to bed either by using makeup remover or coconut oil using an earbud or makeup cotton pads.

Hopefully, the Article best way to apply kajal in eyes listed above will & make your makeup experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.