Among a number of inspirational stories, The Crazy Tales collects an interesting story about one devoted lady, Shaily Srivastava. Let's look at how she creates her dreams and how they could influence others.

We spoke with Shaily Srivastava, who completed her bachelor's degree from VIT University in Vellore and an MBA from Cardiff Business School in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Some women fear fire, some simply become it, Ms.Shaily said when we asked her to describe herself. Pace Up!! she added.

Childhood was the best phase of my life, Ms. Shaily said when asked if she'd like to share some childhood stories with us. " So many wonderful memories, but only a handful of them are shared.

I have fond memories of my father spoiling and disciplining me at the same time.

Due to my father's transfer, I've stayed in far too many places. The best of the bunch was walking with him and exploring the deep woods while holding his finger.

I liked watching good animated series and movies with my brother and playing video games with him as a kid in the 1990s.

My mother used to give us money every weekend so we could buy chocolates, and we would look forward to it all week.

I miss being a child! she added.

They have been very supportive all my life, Ms. Shaily said when we asked her if she'd like to share more about her family (touchwood). Never put any inhibitions on me, but instead directed me in the right direction.

If I am a little bit strong today, the credit goes to them.

Whatever, I am today is the fruit of my familys trust and hard work she added.

When we asked Ms. Shaily about her personal life and relationships, she said, Some relationships come as lessons; best take them as learnings and go on! she answered.

When we asked Ms. Shaily about her entrepreneurial journey? Give us a brief about your education, awards & recognitions you were honored with? I am an undergraduate from VIT University, Vellore, where I completed my BTech, and an MBA from Cardiff Business School in Cardiff, United Kingdom, she replied.

I started my blog while I was a trainee in a Digital Marketing Company. Its been a roller-coaster ride since then. The first couple of months were very worrisome but believe in yourself can do wonders!

I was featured in Times Of India, B& B Magazine, Roposo, Popxo, Cosmopolitan Magazine Twice, Appointed as a Judge- JIIT Converge, and much more.

I was in top 3 by IAMAI- Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and won Best Social Media Influencer Award by the Crazy Tales she added.

When we asked Ms. Shaily to tell us how life has treated her? Life was kind to me when I was a kid, she responded, and after crossing my 16th, I've been on a learning curve, physically and emotionally. Life Fucks us all! she added.

When we asked Shaily about the plans or any wish she wants to complete? To this, she replied, I want to take The Mode Tree to greater heights!

When we asked Ms. Shaily about her favorite holiday spots and movies, she said, I lived in the United Kingdom and enjoyed exploring North England, especially London! she answered. In India, I enjoyed going to the beaches of Kerala with my friends.

I enjoy watching both foreign and Indian movies.

When we asked Ms. Shaily what advice or message she would give to all of the country's youth, she said Work Hard and Be Humble, she replied. Do the smart work whenever it's needed!

At last, as we asked Ms. Shaily about her life motto? Describe how you feel like a woman and how easy it is to face life, to this, she said, "Practice what you preach! If I have my heart set on something, I make every effort to obtain it.

Gender disparity exists in society, BUT, its an excuse if you are not willing to cross oceans.

During graduate school and post graduation, I was fortunate to make wonderful friends. They've all helped me stay motivated.

I've made a couple of nice friends at college, and they've been there for me (touch wood).