What are the best dating apps in India in 2021?

This Quarantine, I explored a variety of dating apps available on the Playstore to make the best decision possible sharing some experiences in the hopes of helping someone else in making better decisions.

The online dating trend in India is growing by the day. Why not date online, especially during these times when the entire world is cooped up in their homes, working, studying, and meeting friends online?

Itas not a good idea to spend this time alone studying/working and binge-watching Netflix. Itas helpful to have someone to talk to, especially if youare living alone and away from home.

Staying alone for an extended period, especially when you are not permitted to go out and meet new people, can hurt your mental health. People experience symptoms such as panic attacks and depression as a result of spending time inside their homes.

So, what can we do to make ourselves feel good? Talking? Yes, weare going to do that. Everyone was called, including long-lost school friends, college friends, gully cricket friends, and hostel roommates. I called my parents three times a day to let them know we were fine and safe.

But, as an extrovert, I still felt lonely at times because I can not go out and meet new people or make conversation with strangers.

So, why donat I try some dating apps, as suggested by a friend? To be honest, this suggestion made me laugh at first! However, she went on to say that I could use them to meet new people without having to leave my house

Whatas even better? For verification, I donat have to go out and meet them! (As much as I enjoy meeting new people, I prefer to do so by chance rather than scheduling a meeting.) After some consideration, I opened the Play-store and downloaded the apps listed below. Check out the user reviews to see which app is best for you.

OkCupid (Category: Casual-Dating) (Launched in 2010)

OkCupid is a dating service that connects singles.

I used this app for about a week. Signing up was a simple but time-consuming process.

I enjoyed answering them because I knew I was going to see matches based on my responses.

Interface for Messaging That Is Simple
There is a virtual dating option available.
A local dating option is available. This allows you to meet people in your immediate area.
Version for a fee: No Ads, Advanced Search Filters Without liking them, see who likes you.

Tinder (Category: Hook-up) (Launched in 2013)

This app had been on my radar for quite some time. To log in, it only asks for your basic information, and then youare good to go.
There are a lot of options, which can be confusing because you donat know if they all share your interests.
You can increase the visibility of your profile by doing so.
Super enjoys making a statement.
Although itas a great app for hookups, Iam not sure if itas suitable for a long-term relationship.
I came across a few bot and fake profiles, and itas disappointing to see people abusing the features and negatively impacting other usersa experiences.
Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the two paid versions of the app.
Tinder Passport: Meet Singles from all over the world and chat with them on Tinder.

Happn (Category: Hook-up) (Since 2014)

If you have a crush on someone in your town or someone youave just met, this is a must-try.
I tried to locate a person, but he was not using this app.
This app displays the profiles of every person in your vicinity.
You have the option of liking a profile. Only if they like you back will they let you know.
They will be notified if you send a message (Just in case you want to go bold)
Paid Version: Use advanced filters to see profiles that match your criteria.

Tantan (Hook-up) (Since 2014)

It resembles Tinderas user interface, which was created by Chinese developers.
This appas privacy appealed to me. They wonat be able to see my profile once I share my contact list with them.
Break The Ice is a feature that allows you to break the ice with other people. You can ask your match a series of witty questions to help you understand him or her better.

Coffee Meets Bagel(Category: Casual-Dating) (Since 2015)

Itas not just about hooking up; itas about finding your true love.
There are only a certain number of matches per day.
Every Noon, Curated Matches a You have 24 hours to interact with and learn about a person.
After eight days, your conversation with your bagel will be over.
Filters that allow you to sort by religion, ethnicity, and other factors

Aisle (Dating) (Category: Casual) (Since 2015)

Focused Relationship
Designed specifically for Indian singles
Eliminate fake profiles, a lengthy verification process.
1a2 days for verification
This app had a few technical issues where the filters did not work as expected.
Smart Filters (Paid Version)

Bumble (Friendship/Relationships) (Since 2018)

It has three functions: dating, socializing, and networking.
Once a match is made, it is up to the women to make the first move.
Matchmaking Based on Preferences
In comparison to other platforms, the profiles appear to be genuine and authentic.
Paid Version: Increased Matches and Visibility
Poor Customer Service was mentioned in a review on the Play Store (though I never faced this issue, still thought of sharing it here)

GoGaga (Category: Relationships) (Since 2018)

Login in One Step Using Your Facebook Account
If you try to join using a fake Facebook profile, you will not be able to find any genuine matches.
People from your extended (Facebook) Friend list are used to create profiles.

Your number of Facebook friends determines how many matches youall get.
Before chatting with anyone, you should first ask your friend for confirmation. This is a unique way to eliminate fake profiles because none of your friends will agree to go on a date with someone they donat even know.

Mode of Matchmaking Two single friends can be matched. In this mode, no one looking for a partner will be able to see your profile.
Wheel of Fortune: Ai a Flame-Spinning Driven Matches
After every 60 minutes, a spin will appear, allowing you to spend more time interacting with the profile rather than just swiping on it.

Referring to friends or matching two singles are two ways to earn flames.
There is no charge for this version. You only require a Facebook account to start. Yes, you read that correctly: this appas entire feature set is completely free!


I hope this article has helped determine which dating app is best for you based on your personality and requirements!