The holy month of Ramzan has started, and now everyone in your family must be waiting enthusiastically for all the celebrations. You would not even notice how quickly the month of fasting passes when all of you are hugging each other and giving them your best wishes for Eid. In addition to tasty delicacy, good vibes, blessings, the exchanging of gifts, and happiness, Eid brings a number of a chance for women to try out new mehndi designs.

Arabic mehndi designs are perfect for every occasion and are so versatile that even a small motif can entirely change the theme. These designs made their way from the Gulf countries to India and instantly found a place in the hearts of women in our country too.

If you are interested in Arabic mehndi designs for Eid, you have come to the right blog. Check out the list of modern Arabic mehndi designs for Eid, 2023.

Arabic Half Hand Mehndi Design

This henna design is made with floral motifs and interlacing lines. It is then covered with dots and there is a variety of shade work which look elegant and bold. This design can be carried when you are wearing ethnic clothing such as lehenga or sharara.

Half Moon Design

We love the significance of moon for the occasion of Eid. This is why we also love this half moon special mehndi design for Eid. There can be a number of variations in this design, such as the easy version of it or you can make it floral, and it looks chic as well as stylish and traditional. We are sure, this will make a right choice for all the teenage girls out there looking for something trendy as well as design.

Gol Tikki Mehndi Design

Do you want to keep it simple and dainty? Are you not really looking for the modern stuff but for something that is old school and has a gorgeous look? Then this Gol Tikki mehndi design is for you. Primarily used for newlywed brides, this is a minimalist design that looks its best in the darker shade. Cover your fingers up to the middle with mehndi, and then make circular designs just the way you like them. Additionally, you can add a henna bracelet to your wrist to give it a complete look.

Back of Hand Design

There are a number of designs for the back of your hand. You can even opt for a full hand or a half hand. This design is done with intricate hands and consists of leaves. This design looks pretty and classy. The meshwork on fingers gives a delicate touch to the mehndi design.

Square Henna Design

The mehndi artists have come up with something fairly new. They have started experimenting with geometric shapes and have come up with square mehndi. This design is very elegant and dainty. Just like the Gol Tikki mehndi design, it too is a minimalist design and can be paired with a henna bracelet on the wrists.

Full Hand Design

This unique mehndi design for Eid ul Fitr is quite ornamental and is used for decorative purposes. It is light and suitable for all occasions. Any casual attire will look wonderful with a design like this. Due to its simple look and decency, this mehndi design for Eid would go well with any type of attire.

Lace Glove Mehndi Design

Lace-glove mehndi design is the new henna design out there nowadays. It looks pretty as well as sexy and is sure to give you Disney Princess vibes. Come on! Who does not want to be a Disney princess? The delicacy of the lace, the thinness of the pattern, and the romantic components that give it beauty are masterfully realized in these mehndi designs. These designs are truly thought out to the smallest detail.

Arabic Rose Backhand Henna Design

This Eid special mehndi design is contemporary and modern. Featuring large motifs and dark outlining details for the roses and a delicate lace pattern for the lighter background, this design will exude sheer elegance on the back of your hand. This mehndi design, too, can be worn with all attires.

Floral Motif Design

Go back to your traditional roots by covering your hands with floral mehndi designs. The flowers are made with beautiful swirls and curls, and the intervening lace pattern gives them a graceful look. Add minimal and designer jewelry to this design, and you will be the star of the party.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Feet

This mehndi design is for half feet. Here, the floral pattern is full of bold shades and curls and twirls. The pattern made of checks is elegant, and dots cover the gaps. Along with Eid, this mehndi design can be worn for other family functions too.

Traditional Half Hand Mehndi Design

Giving a twist to the old half-hand mehndi design, this one only covers the bottom half of your hand. It is simple as well as pretty. Color the bottom half of your hand with mehndi, starting from the edge of your palm. Pair this with dark nail paint and voila! You are ready for the Eid party and the office party too.

Peacock Arabic Design

The peacock is an important bird in Islamic culture. In some Islamic literature, it has a spiritual connection and is the bird that is believed to have the power to move in and out of the Paradise. So, why not go back to your cultural and spiritual roots with this beautifully detailed peacock mehndi design this Eid? The attention to detail is amazing in this design and will be well suited for all the ladies out there.

Traditional Full Leg Henna Design

This whole-legged Arabic design makes use of classical artistic techniques such as intersecting lines, floral motifs, strokes, leaf patterns, etc. The most striking feature of this design is the checkered pattern on the feet, with jagged edges and dots interconnected. The exquisite mosaic flower mandalas and leaf motifs on the legs are beautiful. This pattern is suitable for traditional mehndi celebrations. The matching attire is a light lehenga or sharara and ethnic jewelry.

Fingers Mehndi Design

Do you not want to cover your whole hand in mehndi? Do not worry, we have the perfect mehndi design for you. This design will require you to only cover your fingers in small, dainty, and graceful mehndi designs. Pair it with a dark shade of nail paint, and you have a pretty dapper mehndi design for this Eid.

Jhoomar Mehndi Design

The detailing of this design is very beautiful, with light shades in between and darker shades for the jhoomar or bells. This design is very tasteful and gives a feminine look to the lady carrying it. Pair it with traditional clothes, and there you go, all beautiful for the Eid celebrations.

Mehndi is a very important part of Islamic culture. This is why we came up with a compilation of different mehndi designs for all the ladies celebrating Eid, any wedding ceremony, or just having one of those days when she wants mehndi on her hand. Do not forget to let us know which design you liked the most. Eid Mubarak!

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