Do you know that every skin type responds separately to each ingredient? Popular products made for the entire population may not be the best products for your skin. Due to this knowing types of skin is much essential for your skincare and the beauty of your skin.

What is your skin type? Is it dry, oily or normal? It is good for you to know how your skin is and by using what kind of beauty product you can make your skin beautiful. We are here to inform you aboutthe types of skin,their causes and prevention so that your skin remains healthy & beautiful.

Types of Skin

There are majorly five types of skin in general and knowing your skin type make you choose better products that you can use for your body. Lets take a look at how to determine your skin type.

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Sensitive

Dry Skin

Dry skin type

Many people have dry skin which may be caused by harsh soaps, itching-inducing clothes, incorrect use of moisturizer and prolonged bathing with hot water. But also it may cause due to the medicines you take and even some diseases like diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism and malnutrition etc. can cause skin dryness. You just need to understand how and why our skin becomes dry.

If dry skin is left untreated, it can sometimes cause problems such as skin irritation, inflammation and infection. Most of the causes of dry skin are external, so they can also be treated by external methods. You can solve this problem by taking care of dry skin. Therefore, it is important to know the reason for dry skin.So let us know more about skin causes, prevention and solution of dry skin.

Causes of Dry Skin

  • Wrong use of a Moisturizer

The moisturizers are an essential part of dry skincare, but experts say that people do not use them properly. The biggest mistake some people make when applying moisturizer is that they apply it directly to dry skin. This will only make your skin drier.

  • Dry Air

Dry air is the most common cause of dry skin, especially in winter. It removes moisture from the skin and itching also occurs due to dryness of the skin in winter. During winters, the skin tends to become dry. While during summer, the air conditioner has the same effect on the skin.

  • Long hot showers

By being in contact with water for a long time (especially hot water) your, skin starts to lose its natural oil. If your skin feels tight after bathing, it means it is drying. A hot shower to open the pores of the body, to cleanse the skin and unclog pores which remove excess oils from our body while making our skin drier.

  • Soap

The use of soap reduces the natural oil of the skin rapidly, and people use it a lot. Soap or cleanser should be used only in parts of the body where needed.

  • Itchy clothes

Some clothes can be cool and attractive to look at, but they are uncomfortable nonetheless. If you experience itching when wearing a cloth, no matter how good it is, it can cause skin infections. Using it may cause more itching & dry skin becomes sensitive anyway. Therefore, wearing uncomfortable clothes can also cause dryness and itching in your skin.

  • Medications

Come of the medicines can also make the skin dry.

  • Medical Conditions

Dry skin usually depends on external factors. But sometimes, it can also be a sign of internal disturbance whether it is a natural physical change or an illness. For example, skin often turns dry in old age, especially in women. It is due to changes in hormone levels.

Dry Skin Prevention & Treatments

  • The skin becomes prone to dryness during winter. The outside air is cold and has low humidity. Hence air absorbs the body's moisture. To deal with it and prevent the skin from problems like itching, dryness, rash, you should keep your skin moisturized regularly and control the habits that make the skin dry. Try to use a dry skin moisturiser.
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  • It sounds a bit strange but water can make your skin dry, especially if you take a bath with hot water. Warm water removes the body's natural oils that help keep the skin moist. Fix bath time. Do not bathe for more than 10 minutes and use lukewarm water instead of hot water for bathing.
  • In winter, the skin benefits from moisturizing the skin, especially the face, hands and feet. Apply moisturizer just after bathing. It will keep the moisture of your skin intact. After bathing, soak the water with a towel rather than rub it. Use the moisturizer every time you wash your hands or face. Keep it with you and apply it after using soap.
  • There are some things everyone should do to protect their skin from dry air. Wear protective, clothing, to protect your skin from cold & dry air.
  • Always wear gloves and stoles etc. in the winter. Keep your socks and gloves dry. If your hands and feet are usually quickly damp or wet. Because of this, the skin can also become dry.

If you have followed these tips and still your skin is not getting better, you may have some other skin problem or disease. You contact them, they will understand your problem in a better way and will give you the right treatment to remove dry skin.

Oily Skin

People with oily skin often face the problem of pimples & acne. Oily skin has large pores and grains with which the skin also feels dull, smooth and thick all the time. These people have more active sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin to maintain smoothness on the skin. But the skin becomes oily when more oil, is released, from the pores of the skin. It is more active during puberty in boys and girls.

So let us know in this article, skin causes, prevention and solutions of oily skin.

Causes of oily skin

  • Poor diet

In some cases, skin problems such as acne and rash increases. It happens due to habits of eating and drinking foods that contain excess oils. You have often heard that eating oily foods also makes the skin oily.

  • Hormonal Changes

Boys and girls, entering adolescence, during this period the hormones decrease. As a result, excess oil is produced. At this time, there is the secretion of androgen hormone, which is a big reason for the skin and hair to be oily. As these glands mature, the production of oil from the skin also increases. This problematic phase lasts around 1821 years of age. While, in some case, some have this problem until they reach adulthood.

  • UV rays

Many people have the misconception that suntan makes the skin dry while it is not. The skin dehydrates only when exposed to UV rays for a short period, but after that, the skin produces extra oil to replenish essential moisture & more oil, is released, from it. The skin becomes dry at the time of suntan, therefore promotes oil production. This process encourages the sebaceous glands to increase the production of oil to protect the skin.

  • Weather Change

Changing weather is the major, cause of oily skin. Excessive moisture makes the skin sweat which makes it more oily. To deal with this problem, take special care of skin cleansing.

  • Genetics

Oily skin can be heredity. If any of your parent's skin is oily, your chances of getting oily skin, are increased. It comes from your family.

  • Pregnancy

The hormonal changes in the body are mainly responsible for the production of oil. In women, androgen hormones continue to decrease throughout life, such as before menopause or during pregnancy. It easily encourages sebaceous glands to produce oil. Hormonal imbalance is another cause of oily skin. Hormonal imbalance causes testosterone hormones to be very active in men, causing excessive oil production.

Oily Skin Prevention & Treatments

  • Wash your face correctly. Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day. In the morning and again at night before going to sleep. But no more because cleansing too much can make the skin dry. Stay away from harsh soaps and cleansers as these can make the skin dry. Buy a good and suitable face wash for oily skin will be perfect. The facewash will help to open the oily pores of the skin and keep the face free from the oil.
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  • Make up the right way. Make sure that you are using beauty products, that are oil-free and not acne-causing. Use face powder or a foundation that contains a sufficient amount of water and use a powder blush, eye shadow, etc. instead of cream. And remember to remove all makeup before going to sleep at night.
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  • Use the right moisturizer. Moisturizing oily skin may sound a bit strange, but it is also necessary to do so. Oily skin also needs to be moisturized, so that the oily glands do not produce excess oil. Try using oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen, but do not use makeup-removing cold creams or lotions for them as they can create a smooth layer on the skin.
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  • Eat well and stay hydrated. People who do not have oily skin problems, but suffer from skin smoothness from time to time, need to pay attention to their diet. Reduce intake of foods containing sugar, dairy and carbohydrates in your daily diet, as studies show that oily skin can worsen skin problems. So eat as many natural foods, fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. If you are not taking sufficient amounts of fluid, your skin may become dry, producing more oil. To keep your skin well hydrated, you should drink at least two litres of water daily. If you want oil-free skin, then reduce your intake of caffeine-rich drinks and alcohol as they are also responsible for oily skin.
  • Get complete sleep and stay stress-free. The production of androgen increases, in our body. This is due to lack of sleep & excessive stress. Due to this, oil hormone is released, from the skin. Therefore a good sleep is necessary. Physical exercises also help in dealing with this problem. To get rid of stress, take a bath or practice meditation for at least 10 minutes.
  • Consult a dermatologist. When it comes to skin problems, a derma will guide you the best. So incase your oily skin problem doesn't cure you must go for a good dermatologist.

Take all these daily measures to prevent oily skin by doing this every day you will be able to take care of your skin. You can easily avoid or treat oily skin. If it doesn't, then we recommend you to see a dermatologist.

Normal Skin

This type of skin is neither too oily nor dry. This is one of the best in other types of skin. There is a thin layer of natural fat on normal, healthy skin. It maintains moisture in the skin and also helps in keeping the skin soft and supple. Normal skin is not too dry and not too oily, it is normal. There is no problem such as infections, sensitivity and barely pores are visible. Normal skin has a radiant complexion.

Cause of Normal Skin

  • Balanced levels of fat, normal blood circulation, and good health. As a result, the skin doesn't suffer from dryness, oiliness or from problems that are associated with excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands.

How to pamper your normal skin

  • Apply a gentle cleanser, lightweight moisturiser and sunscreen.
  • A gentle cleanser and nourishing night cream will work well. Look for ingredients serums/products with ingredients such as vitamin C, AHA's, hyaluronic acid or niacinamide.
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This article is meant for an informational purpose, not for medicational advice. Tell us if this blogTypes of Skin is helpful or not, you can give suggestions by commenting below. Also, share this share it with your friends on Social media