14 Best Sweet Shops in Mumbai.

The usual craving for sweets is a common habit in most of us, and I believe that there is no need to wait for a special occasion to indulge in sweets. And why should you need a reason to binge on mithai in the first place? They were designed to be savored and consumed. And as the holiday season approaches, we’ll have even more excuses to eat sweets by the plateful. With so many sweet shops to choose from, it can be difficult to tell which ones are good and which are bad. So we set out to find the best sweet shops in Mumbai, and this is the result.

Best Sweet Shops in Mumbai are mentioned below

Jhama Sweets

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Jhama Sweets has been a big favorite for as long. And if there’s one of their Mithais that I always remember, it’s their Motichoor Laddoo. They melt in your mouth and taste so good that you won’t be able to stop at just one. I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate a lot of it by myself.

They have Multiple Outlets.

Cost for 2 People – Rs 150 approx (Exclusive of taxes)

Dadar’s D Damodar Mithaiwala

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D Damodar Mithaiwala is located near the Khodada Circle bridge, in one of Dadar’s busiest areas. A crowd of people is always gathered outside the sweet shop. People love their chutney, which they serve with their Samosa and Batata Vada. You have to know what I’m talking about when I say sweet and spicy.

Location – D Damodar Mithaiwala, Harganga Mahal, Dadar East, Mumbai

Cost for 2 People  – Rs 300 approx (Exclusive of taxes)


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When you have a sweet tooth, Brijwasi is the place to go. Aside from a wide variety of sweets, the stores also make tasty snacks such as Samosas. Isn’t it true that sweet and savory go hand in hand?

They have Many Outlets

 Cost for 2 People – Rs 500 (Exclusive of taxes)

Tewari Bros.

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Tewari Bros. has several stores.
Make sure you try a little bit of everything when you visit Tewari Bros. Everything is worth a bite, from their Raj Kachori to their massive Kala Jamuns. We recommend that you eat a lot of delicious food while you’re there.

They have Many Outlets
Cost for 2 People – 400. (Exclusive of taxes)

Juhu’s Shree Gangour Sweets

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Shree Gangour Sweets was new to me until a friend introduced me to their Gujiyas. There was no turning back after that. I’m not saying this lightly, but their gujiyas are far superior to those made by my mother.
Location – 14, Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre, Gulmohar Cross Road, Juhu, Mumbai.
Cost for 2 People – Rs 500 (Exclusive of taxes)

Malad’s MM Mithaiwala

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It’s all about making the most of ghee at MM Mithaiwala. That is, in fact, the secret ingredient in their delicious Mithais. Their Pedas and Baalushahi are popular, and their vada pav is delicious.
Location – MM Mithaiwala, Vasanti Bhavan, Malad West, Mumbai (Opposite Malad Station)
Cost for 2 People – Rs 300. (Exclusive of taxes)

Saroj, Chembur

Another personal favorite, I have fond memories of patiently waiting in line at Saroj for their delectable Malai Sandwich. The other reason I continue to visit Saroj is for their Samosa. They’re tiny, but they pack a punch.
Location – NG Acharya Marg, Opposite Chembur Railway Station, Saroj, 14, Malhar Bhuvan, Chembur, Mumbai.
Cost for 2 People – Rs 550 (Exclusive of taxes)

Shabbir’s Tawakkal Sweets, Mohammad Ali Road.

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Tawakkal makes the best phirni in the city, and it’s my favorite place to go during Ramzan. Others will agree with me, and it appears that Salman Khan does as well, as he has sampled their phirni.
Location – Shabbir’s Tawakkal Sweets is located at 94/96 Husainiya Marg, Pakmodiya Street, Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai.
Cost for 2 People Rs 200. (Exclusive of taxes)

Sweet Bengal

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It’s difficult to find good Bengali sweets in the city, but Sweet Bengal is always available if all else fails. They make the softest Sondesh and the juiciest Rasgullas in town.
They have Multiple Outlets
Cost for 2 People – Rs 250 (Exclusive of taxes)


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Gulati’s Chole Bhature is famous, but they also make delicious mithais. Their jalebis, in particular, are the perfect combination of crunch and juicy.
Multiple Outlets
Cost for 2 People – Rs 200. (Exclusive of taxes)

Mukhi Bhandar Tharu Sweets, Khar

Ranveer Singh’s mother allegedly gets her mithai from Tharu, and if Ranveer Singh enjoys the sweets here, who are we to argue? On a side note, they make some fantastic sweets.

Location – 7-8, Madhuban, Opposite Canara Bank, P.D Hinduja Marg, Khar, Mumbai Tharu Sweets

Cost for 2 People – Rs 200. (Exclusive of taxes)

Anant Halwai, Kalyan

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Image Source- Anant Halwai

This one is a little out of the way, but the ghee ki mithai from Anand Halwai is worth the trip. Locals agree, and I couldn’t stop myself after a bite of their gulab jamun.

Location – Tilak Chowk, Opposite Maha Laxmi Temple, Kalyan, Thane – Shop 1 & 2, Vurndhavan Building
Cost for 2 People – Rs 300. (Exclusive of taxes)

JJ Jalebi

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The iconic jalebi must be included on any sweet list, and JJ Jalebi has the best. Their Mawa Jalebis are one of the most delicious things you’ll ever eat. Once you’ve tried it, believe me when I say you’ll be a regular here

They have Multiple Outlets
Cost for 2 People – Rs 100. (Exclusive of taxes)


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The sweets here are named after Lord Krishna, are truly divine. Make a point of trying their Mohanthal whenever you visit one of their locations.

They have Multiple Outlets
Cost for 2 People – Rs 300. (Exclusive of taxes)

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