Makeup is an art. Although most girls like to do makeup, still they do not get what they search for this is because you make some mess while doing makeup and then it is laborious to fix it. Well, in this article we are telling you about some Top 15 Makeup Hacks by Experts that will make up the work of pinching. So let's know about them.

1.Work on base

  • The entire look depends on your makeup base. So you must flawlessly apply the base.
  • Before cleansing the skin, make sure to clean and moisturize it. Use a primer as well. Only then apply the foundation.
  • While applying the foundation, you must affix the foundation while matching your skin.
  • While applying the concealer, you should use two shades lighter.
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2. Tips for Beautiful lips

  • If you want your lips to look beautiful and full, then apply white lip pencil to the middle part of your lipstick.
  • After this, apply colour lip liner to the corner of your lips. Finally, blend it.
  • Apply lip gloss on it.
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3.Eyebrow care

  • -If you always like to keep your eyebrows in the right shape, then make tweezers your friend.
  • Tweezers help easily remove all the extra hairs of eyebrows from a twigger at a time will not only cause more pain, but the skin will also become red.
  • To avoid this, keep the hair off the twigs at regular intervals in addition to the eyebrows.
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4.Winged liner

  • Winged eyeliner is very popular nowadays. But many women are not able to make it properly.
  • If you want a perfect look with a winged liner, you can do this with the help of eye pencils.
  • For this, you first need to outline with the help of an eye pencil. After that, fill it with the help of eyeliner. It will give you a perfect winged liner look.
  • By the way, if you are a beginner, then with the help of spoon you can create a winged liner look.
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5.Reuse Mascara

The mascara dry very fast and due to this most of people are wasting there money every time to buy new one so according to Top 15 Makeup Hacks by Experts follow these steps.

  • Many times the mascara dries and then becomes useless. You can reuse it easily.
  • For this, you wash and clean the mascara brush and add some eyedrops or rose water to make the dry bottle a little moist.
  • You can easily shape your eyelashes with this.
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  • With the help of a toothbrush, you can clean the nails of hands and feet, that is, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles for manicures and pedicures.
  • Remember, do not use a toothbrush with hard bristles on your delicate skin.
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7.Magic of white mascara

  • You may have never thought that how much your white mascara looks like! White kajal has been selling in the market for many years, which you may have seen in shops and online stores but never thought to buy.
  • If you line the waterline of your eyes with white mascara, it will make your eyes look bigger in a pinch.
  • Apart from this, if eyeshadow is to look bright, then before applying eyeshadow, apply a layer of white kajal or foundation key.
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8. Instantly make a gel eyeliner

  • If your pencil liner does not give a smooth finish to the eyes or you have to rub it repeatedly while applying, you do not have to worry anymore.
  • Heat the tip of your liner with a matchstick or lighter for 5-6 seconds.
  • Let it cool down a bit and then use it you will get a smooth finish like a gel liner.

9.Create Eyeliner

  • If you want a clean look with eye makeup and are out of eyeliners then use eyeshadow instead.
  • Just take a thin angled brush and apply a dark shade eyeshadow on it as an eyeliner.
  • In this way, you can carry a realistic look even without liquid eyeliner.
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10. Get tape help

  • According to the beauty expert, this tip helps out the beginners. Often while applying eyeshadow, there is a problem whether it drops out slightly from one side or the shape of eyeshadow is impaired.
  • If you are also a beginner and you make this mistake while applying eyeshadow, then you can take help of tape.
  • For this, you affix tape crossing your tape to your outer corner after that, apply eyeshadow.
  • This way the extra eyeshadow will be on the tape itself while you will get a perfect eye makeup.

11. The liner will not smudge

  • One of the biggest problems of make-up is the liner gets smudged or spreads all around eye & face.
  • If you are also troubled by this problem, then apply a concealer on the eyelids before applying the liner and then compact it.
  • By doing this, your eyelids will not get oily but will also quickly dry plus your eyeliner will not be spoiled either.
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12. Apply primer

  • The powder often falls when applying eyeshadow. In case extra eyeshadow is affixed on one eyelid and less on the other lid. In such a situation, you should first apply a primer.
  • According to makeup experts, you can apply a perfect eyeshadow by using a primer as a base, in case you do not have a primer, you can apply foundation as a base on the lid & tap it out with a powder. Only then apply eyeshadow.
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13. Eyes & Lips

  • Highlight one of the eyes or lips. If the eye makeup is heavy, give the lips a nude look.
  • Simply apply lip gloss. If you want to give a dramatic look to your lips, then keep your makeup very light.
  • Add only mascara. Do not apply mascara or eyeliner in the eyes. Give a dramatic look to lips with dark lipstick.
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14. Nose shape

  • If the small nose is to be slightly longer or sharper, apply Shimmer powder on nose bone. This will make the nose look longer.
  • Before applying makeup, moisturize the skin and condition the lips with lip balm.
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15. Your skin type

In the list of Top 15 Makeup Hacks by Experts this is the last hack to know.

  • If the skin above your eyes is dry, then apply a little Vaseline before applying eye makeup. After this, cream-based eyeshadow can be affixed. If desired, sheer dust can also be applied after eyeshadow.
  • If your skin is oily, do not use cream-based eyeshadow. Use water-based eyeshadow to give a matte effect to your eye makeup.
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FAQ Answers

Q.1)Why do I have dark circles all the time?

Ans. We have genetics, allergies and/or lack of sleep to thank for the darkness. Your best defence against under-eye circles are allergy medication if you need it, more shut-eye and a colour corrector under your concealer to neutralize the darkness and allow you to use less concealer in the end. If your under-eye circles are red or purple, choose a yellow corrector, if more blue/brown, go for peach or apricot tones.

Q.2)Why do I need more than one eye-shadow brush?

Ans. If you try to use one brush for all shadow colours, your results are likely to look muddy & mixed-up while using the brush more than one, you will find the shadow that overwhelms your eye.

Q.3) Should I wear an eyeliner underneath my eyes?

Ans. Yes, ofcourse you can! If you have deeper set eyes then drawing a line underneath your eye can make them appear smaller than they are.

Q.4)How can do I make my eyebrows look natural?

Ans. Never make the mistake of using a black liner in your brows. It will totally be a blunder. For a styling, your brows naturally use powder and a shade of dark brown that is one tone lighter than your natural eyebrow, now with gentle hands, apply using an eyebrow brush.

Q.5)Should the eye shadow colour match eye & outfit?

That depends on your liking. Your outfit & eyeshade doesnt have to match. Sometimes it comes to be out of look & fashion. Therefore you can experiment with different colours that will compliment your eye colour and your clothes too.

Hopefully, the article Top 15 Makeup Hacks by Experts. listed above will & make your makeup experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.