Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments of every woman's life. Every woman wants to experience this special moment in her life. But how can you realize that you are pregnant or pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy is a long process whose beginning is as beautiful and full of joy as its end when the baby is born.During pregnancy, a pregnant woman has to take care of many things. But before these, they have to confirm that the first and necessary step is that they are pregnant? or getting
pregnancy symptoms.
There are many types of medicines and devices available in the market through which pregnancy tests can be done. But apart from these, there are some measures with the help of which you can find out your pregnancy sitting at home. You can find out early pregnancy symptoms, whether you are pregnant or not.Today we will tell you about all the pregnancy symptoms that point towards signs of pregnancy. But you should also keep in mind that we are just telling you about the pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms can be seen due to any reason other than pregnancy. Therefore, after seeing the symptom in any situation, please visit the doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms

With these signs of pregnancy, you can find out early pregnancy symptoms

Missed period

One of the early signs of pregnancy is the absence of periods. If you have missed your period this month then it indicates that you are pregnant. The period stops during early pregnancy and it is normal that bleeding stops during normal pregnancy. But sometimes the period stops due to fatigue or stress, in such a situation you should immediately meet and talk to a doctor.

Stomach Bloating

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is abdominal bloating, tension, and twitching before periods occur. Pregnancy can cause an increase in the progesterone hormone. Increasing hormones cause problems indigestion due to which gas gets trapped in the intestine and you have problems like stomach bloating, tension, torsion, or restlessness. Due to gas in the stomach, you may have other problems too. Therefore, you should pay special attention to your diet at this time.
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Change in breast size

Breast tissues are more sensitive to hormones. This is the reason that as soon as you are pregnant, the breasts begin to change immediately, due to which they become swollen or heavy. Your breast size starts changing from the beginning of pregnancy. This is a common symptom of pregnancy.


You will feel tired all the time. It is because of the changes in hormones due to pregnancy. Tiredness and sleepiness are the initial signs of getting pregnant, feeling tired after doing minor tasks are extremely common. Increased levels of progesterone can be the reason for the tendency to sleep more and will continue throughout the first quarter of your pregnancy. The body begins to produce more blood to support the growing fetus, therefore resulting in increased tiredness. This can be taken care of by eating a healthy diet rich in minerals, vitamins, iron, and plenty of fluids.

Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea or vomiting is a minor symptom, often called "morning sickness". This symptom is prominent and may indicate that you are pregnant. Within a few days of conception, you may begin to feel restless and experience nausea. Due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone levels, you may feel nauseous as soon as you wake up every day. Nausea is not always in the morning, it can happen anytime and can last for the whole day and this problem can continue during the entire period of pregnancy.About 80% of pregnant women have nausea in the initial weeks before they do not have menstruation. The intensity of symptoms of morning sickness or nausea varies in different women, but 50% of pregnant women feel nausea within six weeks of conception or even earlier.

Need to urinate frequently

Another sign of pregnancy is urination. This tendency increases during pregnancy when the growing uterus begins to pressurize the bladder. Frequent urination is a common symptom that will remain throughout pregnancy, with changes in hormones and excess blood production.The kidneys work longer to filter the blood, causing the need to urinate frequently. Almost all pregnant women experience this symptom which is one of the early signs of pregnancy.


Dizziness and fainting is another early symptom of pregnancy that occurs in many pregnant women. The blood vessels widen, causing a decrease in blood pressure while making you feel dizzy and imbalanced.This symptom appears during the first trimester and gradually subsides in the following months. But if you experience vaginal bleeding with dizziness and abdominal pain, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Aches and pains

During pregnancy, you will experience pain on your lower abdomen. This is due to the growing fetus inside your womb. As the fetus size increases the more pain you will suffer.Hormones work while your body changes and this affects the ligaments that need to be enlarged. Stretching of the ligaments and joints can cause pain in your spinal region before the scheduled time of menstruation.

Weight gain

Pregnancy and weight are not different from each other and your weight gain during pregnancy is not a wrong thing either. If you are instantly gaining weight, then ya its another sign of early pregnancy.On the contrary, it provides energy to make you and your baby strong. You may think that you are getting fat but during this time you are preparing to take care of your baby.

Acne, spots & pimples

Acne and pimples sometimes occur before the scheduled time of menstruation. As a result of an increased in hormone levels after conception. Acne & pimples can suddenly increase very much. Well, the opposite can also happen, pimples may be completely clean before the scheduled time of menstruation and it can be a sign that pregnancy has started.

Frequent tendency to eat & Excessive thirst

Don't be surprised if you start drinking a lot of water, due to the increase in blood volume, you may feel extremely thirsty. This is due to an increase in hormones, you will also feel hungry all the time and you will crave to eat again and again.

Pain in back

A pregnant woman may have a back pain problem in the first month of pregnancy. This is an early symptom of pregnancy, so do not panic.

Mood swings

There are many hormonal changes in your body, as a result of which you will experience changes in your mood. I.e. you will smile on the smallest things on one side and on the other hand, you can be sad even on the smallest thing.The neurotransmitter in the brain is affected due to an imbalance in hormones, due to which you become more emotional.


A pregnant woman may experience constipation. This is due to an increase in levels of progesterone hormone in her body. Constipation is considered normal in the first month of pregnancy.


Headache is another early pregnancy Symptom. A pregnant woman may complain of headaches due to hormonal changes occurring in her body during early pregnancy.Tell us if this blog is helpful/not helpful, you can give suggestions by commenting below. Also, definitely share this post with your friends on social sites.Read also:
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