Correct hair care is important to make the hair long-thick and strong. If you know the right method of hair care, then your hair can stay long and thick. Many people go to the parlour for hair care and spend a lot of money, but they do not get any benefit from it. To take proper care of hair, first of all, you should know what care your hair needs. If you take care of your hair according to its needs, then your hair can be easily maintained. Come, we tell you the right way of hair care. We are sharing ourlong straight hair care tipsfor much more likely to be beautifully strong and healthy.

Hair Oiling

Castor oil contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids and is also specifically found to contain omega-9 fatty acids that help to grow hair naturally. (Read more - Home remedies for hair growth and hair thickening) Onion juice contains sulfur which helps to increase the production of collagen in the tissues, which helps to grow hair. Henna helps in keeping dry and lifeless hair shiny and soft. It also gives your hair a beautiful colour. Applying henna strengthens the roots.

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Right Hair Brush

Avoid brushing hair repeatedly. Because, it removes excess oil from the scalp. Do not rub or scrape the scalp. Use a detangling brush for your hair as it reduces the amount of tangling & hair fall. The detangling brush smooths wet (or dry) hair without causing breakage. While the round brush consists boar-bristle which is ideal for long hair to create a straight and sleek look. A wide paddle brush is perfect for taming unruly hair of any length.

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Wash your hair correctly

Always wash hair with cold or lukewarm water. The use of hot water removes more oil from the scalp, which makes the hair sticky. Massage the scalp with hot oil, then wash the hair with shampoo. If your hair is very oily, do not use conditioner. It is not important to wash hair daily, but keep in mind not to massage your scalp with excess shampoo. Shampoo should not be used in excess otherwise it can damage your hair. Do not wash your hair with extremely cold or hot water.

Avoid Heat

Do not blow-dry the hair, and if it is necessary, use a dryer at a distance of 5-6 inches at a lower temperature. Hair is most fragile when wet, but the moisture in our hair can get damaged if blow-dried and heating devices are used on it. Avoid heat damage your hair and try to keep it natural. Instead, use a heat-protectant spray.

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Keep your hair tied

Try to keep your hair tied to prevent it from dust & tangling. Protect hair from dust and dirt by covering your hair with a scarf while going outside. Especially on a bike ride. Applying lemon juice in coconut oil will help reduce hair fall.

Get rid of split ends

Mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil, olive oil and mustard oil and massage the hair roots for about half an hour. Then apply it in full hair and wrap it with warm towels. Apply the avocado mask on the hair for 15 to 30 minutes and then wash it. You can also mix hot olive oil in it. To get rid of split ends, keep your hair protected from too much sun, cool and strong wind. Also, keep getting your hair trim from time to time.

Healthy Hair

Massage your hair with lukewarm oil twice a week to give proper nutrition to the hair. Oil circulation improves blood circulation, as well as provide adequate nutrition. Use yoghurt, beer and eggs for deep conditioning of hair. If you have oily hair, spray water in the hair roots or sprinkle baby powder.

Hopefully, the articlestraight hair care tipslisted above will nourish your skin & make your makeup experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.