In our previous article, we let you know about how to get pregnant, Now in this article, we will discuss 7 skin care tips for pregnant women. A woman goes through many emotional and physical changes during pregnancy. During pregnancy, many types of changes start to occur in the skin of women. This type of problem arises due to hormonal changes in the body of women during pregnancy.

Women should be prepared for skin changes, symptoms and other problems during pregnancy. Along with this, if you find any change on your skin, then do not panic. Solutions to these problems can be easily solved from our 7 skin care tips for pregnant women.

7 Skin Care Tips For Pregnant Women

Many changes occur inside the body of women during pregnancy. Whose direct effect is visible on their skin. Shortly after pregnancy, several changes in the skin begin to happen. During pregnancy, the following types of changes are beheld in the skin of women, such as stretch marks, changes in skin colour, pimples in the skin, nerves start appearing on the skin, skin itching & skin sensitivity.

During pregnancy, skin problems occur due to hormonal changes in the body of women, changes in blood circulation and changes in the immune system. But it is a pleasure for you that all these problems resolve themselves automatically and get glowing skin during pregnancy.

At this time, some types of skin changes such as stretch marks and pigmentation occur in women genetically. If your mother or elder sister has had stretch marks and pigmentation during their pregnancy, then you are also more likely to develop this problem.

Below are 7 skin care tips for pregnant women which will help you throughout.

1.Stretch marks in pregnancy

Stretch marks mainly affect women in skin changes during pregnancy. During pregnancy, 90 per cent of women have stretch marks on their skin. Stretch marks occur as children grow up in the womb and obesity increases in pregnancy.

Stretch marks occur on the lower abdomen and breasts of women. Stretch marks on these organs are in the form of red or pink stripes. Due to the change in hormone level, the protein level in the skin is disturbed while the skin turns thinner than normal.

  • To avoid stretch marks in pregnancy, you should use lotion containingvitamin Eandalpha hydroxy acid.
  • ThoughBio-Oilis a specialist skincare product in 131 countries, formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also recommended for ageing and dehydrated skin. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E, calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil & chamomile oil that helps remove stretch marks.
  • Apart from this, you also have to keep your obesity low. If you do not try to reduce the stretch marks, after the birth of your child it becomes like a deeper on your stomach.
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2. Acne & Pimples during pregnancy

The problem of acne on the skin of women is also a common problem in pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and women must take face care during pregnancy, the oil glands of the body of women secrete more amount of oil. Due to which, there are acne pimples on the face of women. There is also a burning sensation on the face during nail-acne.


  • For this, you have to clean your skin regularly. In which you should use an oil-reducing face wash from facial skin. If you have a complaint of nausea during pregnancy, then you should use an oil-free face wash. Clean your face thoroughly before sleeping at night as well in the morning. Besides, you should use a moisturizer to rid of excess oil. If you have more problems with acne, you should see a doctor immediately.
  • You can use asunscreencontainingSPF 15before going out in the sun. With this, you should cover your face and go out. The skin of women becomes sensitive during pregnancy, because of which the harmful rays of the sun cause more effect on the skin.
  • Try to protect your skin from direct exposure to sun otherwise the chances of getting black spots on your skin increases.
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3. Lower abdominal deep line in pregnancy

During pregnancy, a straight line appears in the lower abdomen of most women. This line is called Linea nigra. The line is one cm wide & it travels down the centre of the navel. In pregnant women, this line emerges during the second trimester. This line does not emerge in every woman's body.

  • In case this line occurs due to hormonal imbalance in the body of women then you should take care of it and start applying Bio-oil on these stretches.
  • It indicates providing extra space for the baby in your uterus, due to a stretch in the lower abdominal muscles. Shortly after the birth of the child, this line starts getting lighter.

4. Lower abdominal skin dryness in pregnancy

When the size of the baby increases during pregnancy, the stomach size of women also starts increasing. Due to this, the skin of the stomach of women gets stretched. The excess stretch in the stomach causes dryness in the skin. It starts to itch due to the dryness of the skin.

If you feel more nausea in the lower abdomen during pregnancy with nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and jaundice, call your doctor immediately and tell about the condition. This happens due to the increase in cholesterol levels in the body.

  • If you want to avoid dryness in your lower abdomen, then you have to keep moisture in it. Along with this, you also have to use itching cream.
  • Use a lotion containingcalaminewill be beneficial for you. Besides, you can correct cholesterol levels with the use of drugs.
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5. Skin pimples and warts during pregnancy

Pigmentation in the skin occurs due to hormonal changes in pregnancy. It starts occurring on the face, pimples, warts, nipples and all-around & becomes dark black as well. Along with this, the area around the vagina also becomes dark black.

  • Due to hormonal changes in pregnancy, it is common for women to have this type of problem. Such a change cannot be defended in any way.
  • If you see pimples and warts or feel a change in their shape, then you should see your doctor.

6. Why does skin turn black during pregnancy

The first symptom of your pregnancy is dark skin. Many women feel such a change in their skin when they conceive. During this time, the nipple area becomes dark black. During this time, the colour of the wrinkles and warts on the skin of women also becomes darker.

Along with the skin becoming black, the area around the navel and the colour of your armpit, thighs starts turning dark. The brown stains on the forehead, cheeks and neck due to pigmentation are called Melasma (a type of Melasma / black spots), Mask of Chloasma (Chloasma) and pigmentation. Chlosmas are caused by increased levels of melanin in the body of women. Two out of three pregnant women feel this kind of change in their skin.

  • You should use a sunscreen containing SPF 15 to prevent the dark rays of the sun making your skin darker.
  • Along with this, while going out you should use an umbrella or cap. To overcome this problem, the doctor may advise you to use some cream or lotion applied on the face.
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7. Get a checkup from your Gynecologist

Sometimes, changes in your skin during pregnancy also point towards some other health-related problem. If you notice any kind of pain, redness, pigmentation and warts on your skin during pregnancy, get it checked by your doctor immediately.

This article is meant for an informational purpose, not for medicational advice.
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