Going out in the sun can damage your skin. You all must have been using sunscreen to avoid sunburn & damaged caused on your skin. But somehow, these sunscreens can cause a severe effect on your skin. Often, it is advisable to apply sunscreen before venturing out of the house to protect the body from UV rays. But some of the sun-protecting sunscreens contain deadly chemicals which can also cause irritation, rash, itching and breast cancer on the skin.
Some minor side effects of applying sunscreen lotion are visible in front of you, but when it takes a terrible form, you should immediately seek medical help. Below we are going to share with you side effects of using sunscreen and how to avoid them.

Skin irritation

Applying it causes light irritation on the eyes and face. If you feel this burning sensation, wash the sunscreen immediately. The chemicals found in sunscreen can cause a high rate of allergic reactions. Sunscreens cause rashes, blisters and allergies on your skin.

Skin allergies

Skin allergies can occur in many sunscreen chemicals, which can cause allergies, itching, and inflammation. One should always buy sunscreen on which is hypoallergenic. Experts say that sunscreen containing hypoallergenic is considered the best sunscreen for the skin as it cause fewer allergic reactions.

Dry Skin

Sunscreens can make the skin dry. Many people apply sunscreen to make the skin dry. If your skin starts feeling dry or tight, stop using it immediately and visit a doctor.

Bad for Acne

This sunscreen can make it worse if you have acne on your face. It is better that you choose a sunscreen without oil or moisturizing so that it suits your skin. For people prone to acne, they mus tale advice from a dermatologist and use products accordingly. Otherwise, these sunscreens can worsen your acne.

Rashes on Skin

It can also cause rashes. These creams can cause severe damage to people whose skin is sensitive. If your skin is sensitive, consult the skin expert before purchasing the cream. It can cause severe rashes on your skin which will only ruin your skin.

Risk of Breast Cancer

There are also chances of breast cancer. Sunscreen contains many types of deadly chemicals that can affect estrogen levels in the blood. It is better that you buy a sunscreen that contains natural ingredients.

Eye irritation

Sometimes applying sunscreen on the face, can cause eye pain and irritation. Apart from this, it also irritates the eyes & at the same time, the eyes become very sensitive to light. Severe damage can even blind the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable that if sunscreen goes into the eyes, wash it immediately with cold water. And visit a doctor.

Pain in hairy areas

There are many types of sunscreen which are quite confusing to select. These are available in many forms such as gel, lotion, spray, ointment, cream. Gel form sunscreens are best for hairy body parts. Sometimes they make the skin hard and dry due to which it causes pain in hairy areas.

Measures to avoid these side effects from sunscreen

  • If you are allergic to the use of sunscreens, then stop using it. Contact your doctor and consult a good pharmacist to avoid irritation and itching.
  • To avoid the harmful effects of harsh sunlight, apply sunscreen on the body two hours before leaving home.
  • If you are applying sunscreen as lip balm, then use it only on the lip.
  • Use sunscreen very carefully on children.
  • Do not apply sunscreen to children below six months.

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