The Mehndi intensifies the beauty in the hands of women & they too love applying mehndi. Today we have brought various designs of Mehndi which is embraced by one of the diverse states in India. Rajasthani Mehndi Design is mostly liked by all. On weddings or occasions and Hindu festivals, all women are fond of making beautiful designs of mehndi. It gives their hands a perfect look.

An excellent match of the designs of a mehndi with the perfect outfit is a must. You will relish the latest designs of Rajasthani mehndi. If you are carrying heavy jewellery and heavy outfits, then Rajasthani mehndi is absolute for you. The design will give you a perfect look. If you are thinking of applying Mehndi from a very diverse state of India that is 'Rajasthan', then we have brought some attractive mehndi dezine from Rajasthan especially for you. You can choose one as per your choice.

Rajasthani Bridal Mehndi

This mehndi design is full of patterns and designs. The portrait of bride & groom is made beautifully in a Rajasthani style. The Rajasthani mangteeka worn by the bride shows the Rajsthani wedding style. Whereas, Lord Ganesh & the lota(used in Hindu ceremonies) is creatively placed, on the hands. This design is perfect for a bride to be.

Peacock Bride & Groom

The peacock pattern in the mid of the palm and the upper hand highlighted with the stylish patterns. As and when moved ahead, the design gets more and more elaborate, especially on the wrist and elbow part. So, if you want to be a bride with a modernised look, then this Rajasthani Mehandi is just created for you.

Rajasthani Jaimala

This design brings out its own story of a Rajasthani wedding & Jaimala. The bride & groom are seen, waiting for each other to put on 'Jailmala' around each other's neck. This design is created finely & beautifully done.

The Royal Rajasthani Wedding

The mehndi is black with clear shades in it. The bride & groom look from a very Royal Family. It is a Royal wedding. Mehndi design is a true sign of the vintage Rajasthani art immersed in the rich tinge of customs and traditions of each corner of Rajasthan.

Rajsthani Heart Mehndi

The design is beautifully decorated in the form a superb heart Mehandi design right from the tip of the fingers till the elbow.

Simple Yet Stylish

Depending on your choice you can keep the length of this design. And if you a the one who favours simple & sleek mehndi, then this design till the elbow will give you the sought look.

Modern & Stylish

The traditional design on the backhand with dots connecting it to the fingers with modern motifs, look modern & stylish. This design will go best with western outfits & engagements.

Beautiful and Embellished Mehndi Design

The history of high-class Rajasthani tradition says all this mehndi design. All these are beautiful and embellished. This design is in the form a superb Mehandi design right from the tip of the fingers till the elbow.

Mirror reflecting theme

The Mehandi design should show standard mirror reflecting type design. In this pattern, Rajasthani Mehandi designs on both the hands are kept almost the same.

Jewellery with Rajasthani Theme

The traditional looking jhumkis shaped theme filled with circles turn this pattern to be an easy Rajasthani Mehandi design. If you have a Rajasthani wedding in the family, you can go for this Mehandi design.

Modern Rajasthani Engagement Theme

Time has changed now people are moving towards modern & trending culture. So this design goes for the modern bride who wants to bloom in her engagement with her pretty outfit matching.

Rajasthani Mehndi Design For Bride's Sisters

With the help of lining design, you can complete the motifs & by deepening the borders can bring a lot of clarity to the centres & shapes of the Rajasthani design. This design is best suited for the bride's sisters.

Flower Rajasthani Mehndi

It is all about the flower pattern and nothing else. Try this mehndi design and add some glitters to it.

Rajasthani Theme with Elephant & Lotus

The tradition of Rajasthan state is reflected, with Folk dances, peacocks, elephants, twists and curls, flower and leafy patterns all are united into the Rajasthani Mehndi designing.

Rajasthani Peacock with Elephants

Peacock with an elephant is a beautiful concept of Rajasthani mehndi. The hands are filled with an amazing picture of peacock& elephants.

Rajasthani Marigold Design

Why not create a beautiful marigold mehndi look this wedding season?

Mandala Look

It is up to you to choose either the flower shading patterns, peacock pattern designs with a mirror reflecting a theme or in the form of a tattoo. But here we go with the most trending & stylish mandala design.

The Rajsthani Mandala Design

This is a simple Rajasthani style mandala Mehndi design with intense floral patterns and fine linings. You can create this style with rounds and small leaves on the fingers. While net with dots on the wrist.

The Matka & Nature

The Matka & nature are good combinations of a Rajasthani mehndi design. As you can see there are tiny creatives of people dancing with small flower motifs.

Rajasthani Window Mehndi

This mehndi design is a very cute way to describe the atmosphere of Rajasthan. The way the window has been designed in this mehndi design, in front of which a girl is sitting, it looks beautiful.

Hopefully, the article Rajasthani Mehndi Design listed above will make your experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.