Pregnancy Doas and Donats: Habits, Food, Exercise & More!

Every pregnant woman wants her baby to be healthy and healthy before and after birth. Therefore, being a pregnant woman you must take care of many things. Our list of pregnancy doas and donats will make you sure about all the things

Most women do not know what to eat during pregnancy and what exercises to do while pregnant. Many kinds of misconceptions and myths are associated with things eaten during pregnancy. Because of this, pregnant women are confused about food and drink. Also, what precaution you need to take is very important during pregnancy. This is because of whatever action you take directly affects the child in the womb. Let us know what are the pregnancy doas and donats.

Doas of Pregnancy

It is better to get your pregnancy confirmed with an experienced gynaecologist. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, ask the gynaecologist for information about the checkup and how often you have to come for the checkup.

Consult a Doctor

When you go to the doctor for a checkup in the first trimester you will have many questions and confusion in your mind. Therefore, without any hesitation, you should ask the doctor about everything. i.e. Get information about the diet chart for a pregnant woman from the doctor.
a Whether to exercise or not.
a What kind of exercises or yoga to do.
a How to get relief from common problems in pregnancy such as chest irritation, acidity, varicose veins and fatigue.
a How to deal with morning sickness.
a What to do if bleeding occurs in early pregnancy.
a It may be necessary to visit the doctor when during pregnancy.

Get Vaccinated

Women need to get vaccinated before pregnancy and during pregnancy. Vaccines such as a flu shot and whooping cuff injection. The doctor will tell you the information during routine checkup when to get them done. Getting vaccination can help prevent infection and can also protect your baby after birth from health issues.

Make a Budget

The time of pregnancy brings happiness as well as many responsibilities for both husband and wife. Therefore, be prepared for those responsibilities. Pay attention to your budget and in future prepare your budget according to the needs of the baby. Avoid wasteful spending and think about depositing money.

Take your prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins provide supplement nutrients that are beneficial for fetal development. These vitamins help in reducing risks for pregnancy complications like neural tube defects and anaemia.

Eat fresh and healthy food

Food is a very essential thing to have especially during pregnancy. Foods provide proteins, minerals, vitamins and other essential minerals which help in proper and healthy growth of the baby.


Women often complain of backache, constipation, depression and fatigue during pregnancy. In this way, regular exercise gives relief. By exercising, it becomes easier to regain shape after delivery. Although weight gain is certain in pregnancy, fitness continues by exercising.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water timely helps in increasing energy in the body. It also reduces swelling, softens skin, keeps you cooler. Most important it decreases urinary tract infections and decreases the risk of preterm labour and preterm birth.

Doctor Checkup

Now that you have stepped into the second trimester, some things have been added to the medical checkup, such as a your weight, blood test, blood pressure and abdominal size measurement.
Sometimes, doctors may speak for several other tests along with a test of urine. Apart from this, the doctor will also give you information about which essential vaccine you need.


If there are no complications, and your pregnancy is normal you can travel in the second trimester with the advice of a doctor. Keep in mind that during the journey, keep your essential medicines and essential things with you.
If you travel anywhere by car, make sure there is safety i.e.attach the seat belt correctly. Make sure that you do not press your seat belt. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes in any journey.

How to sleep

By the second trimester, many changes start to occur in the body. Some women may have nasal congestion and leg cramps while sleeping or may have nightmares. In such a situation, change and know about how to sleep during pregnancy, sleep on one side and lift the head lightly or take a soft pillow under the head. Start using pregnancy pillows at bedtime.

Baby Care Methods

If you are pregnant for the first time, start knowing ways to care for your upcoming baby. Read baby care books, talk to elders at home and get to know their experiences. Make a list of the babyas needs. These are the major doas for pregnancy doas and donats now letas check out donats of pregnancy.

Dontas of pregnancy

Do not bend much

Do not bend much during pregnancy. Be it your first, second or third trimester, make sure you do not bow down too much. Doing so can cause miscarriage, premature delivery or loss of an unborn baby.

Do not stand for too long

Do not stand for too long during pregnancy. Standing for too long can cause miscarriage, problems in pregnancy also increase the chances of premature delivery else death of the baby in the womb.

Do not lift heavy things

Avoid lifting heavy things during pregnancy. Lifting heavy objects during pregnancy may create a risk of miscarriage.

Do Not Consume Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol can harm an unborn baby. This can lead to miscarriage, death of the baby in the womb. It also impacts on the physical structure of the baby and many other problems. This is called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.


Smoking is very harmful to the development of an unborn baby. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which can prove to be dangerous for the infantas brain and lungs. Smoking can be dangerous for your babyas weight and babyas physical appearance. Smoking can be harmful to your baby not only during pregnancy but also after pregnancy and it can also cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome a SIDS.


Massaging during pregnancy can be comfortable, but be careful not to massage in the first trimester, because putting pressure on your stomach while doing the massage in the first trimester, can be very harmful. Therefore, before giving massage in any trimester, consult your doctor and choose a massage that does not put any weight on your stomach.

Not to Eat

Stay away from spicy, fried and late meals. Do not eat too much at one time, but eat little. Drink plenty of water. Do not bend or lie down after eating. Do not consume excess tea or caffeine-rich foods. Avoid eating soft cheese, raw milk, raw or saltier fish, half-cooked meat, poultry, unpasteurized food or beverages, raw and junk foods.

Avoid stress

Keep in mind that if stress is high, it for both pregnant mom and her baby gets affected. Stress can have an impact on the physical and mental health of the unborn child. Therefore, try to avoid stress as much as possible.

Hopefully, the pregnancy doas and donats mentioned above will make your maternity experience easier.
Pregnancy is a very beautiful experience, so enjoy the moment. Keep yourself safe and keep the baby growing in the womb healthy and safe too. If you feel anything different inside you during pregnancy, do not hesitate to talk to the doctor.

Be happy, be healthy and donat forget to share your pregnancy experience with us.