The crazy tales bring you all an artistic personality Monita Dingre is a Delhi-based artist, who pursued her artistic talent and passion from a very early age.

Monita inherited her love for painting from her father who had a keen interest in art and paintings.

Childhood and Family

Since her childhood, her talent was well nurtured by her parents. The wall of Monitaas home proudly decorated with the painting of her grandfather always amused her. The lines, colors, texture and vibrancy took her on this journey to the world of art.

Fascinated with the portrait of her grandfather, her study of human figures began. She started portraying people around her. As a shrewd observer and avid leaner, Monita soon started getting appreciated by her family and relatives for the portraits she made.

Not only her family but her Gurus at school also supported and encouraged her talent. Monita proudly mentions her teacher Mrs. Omvati as the greatest influencer throughout her journey as an artist. It is said that childhood is the right age to nurture hidden talents and give them a proper channel to grow. Monita is fortunate to receive encouragement since her school days, which made her choose art as a career.

Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Monita achieved her master's in fine art. An exhibition she visited in Delhi got her influenced and urged her to show her talent. Monita started her professional career with her first solo exhibition at Kurukshetra University, Haryana in 2005. She didnat look back since then. Raising step by step, exhibiting her talent in Delhi Haryana, Dwarka, Panipat, and Mumbai, she is all sent to go out of India to perform on a global platform. Monita participated in her first international art exhibition in Dubai in 2015, and her global presence has continued to date.

Monita mentions the great artist Raja Ravi Verma who impressed her the most. As a full-time artist, She continues her passion and love for canvas and colors. While talking about her works, she adds that her paintings are natural, clear, and carry positively. Being a realistic artist, the subjects for her paintings are mostly inspired by nature. Working on instinct and spontaneous thoughts, she paints whatever comes to her mind! Music as a source of serenity and peace, she prefers to paint while listening to her favorite songs.

Awards and accolades

5 artists receiving awards she achieved are Spandan artist of the year award, spandan social award 2020-21, Raja Ravi Varma International Award, Kala Shiromani Award, Best life study award. Monita has also received the honor to be judged at Kauthik Events as a judge for the art competition.

Her Dream wish

She expresses to be an animator if she didnat choose to be in the field of fine arts. Monita continues to work with passion. Having a bunch of plans for her future as an artist, she enjoys this journey of being a creative human.