Mehndi is considered very auspicious in Hindu Traditions. In India Karva Chauth is the most festival celebrated by Hindu women. Women keep fasts for the whole day in praise of their husband, long life. Mehndi is a beautiful way to show love to your husband. It is believed that the love of husband and wife is related to the colour of mehndi. Many women even get their husband's name written in their mehndi designs and challenge their husband to find her name. So, let's see mehndi designs for karva Chauth 2020.

Now the trend of Karvachauth is increasing. There is a different craze among women everywhere for mehndi. Many women like the stylish Rajasthani mehndi design while many prefer the Arabic mehndi design. On Karwachauth, woman dresses like a new bride. The important, part of the Karva Chauth is to wear mehndi. The mehndi motifs also change with the changing trends. That is why here we have brought for you some beautiful Karvachauth special, mehndi designs that will complete your tradition on Karvachauth.

The Tales of Karvachauth Rituals - Special Mehndi

These designs are thick-skulled and compact, covering of beautiful motifs. This design has beautifully shown the rituals that take place during a Karvachauth. The women using a Channi(strain) and on the other hands while her husband is making her drink water and thereby completing certain auspicious rituals. It is one of the best & specials designs of all.

Husband's Face on the Moon

The way you wait for him every day to come back home so that you both can be together. The same in this mehndi design, you are waiting for the moon on your window to come out, relating it as your husbands face.

The Peacock Stars Karvachauth Special Mehndi

Peacocks design is unique also, included in bridal designs. The beauty of peacock feathers is also, fetched in this design that it can be incorporated, into beautiful patterns. The grace in this design is truly remarkable because of the shaded stars and women doing the Karvachauth ceremony.

The Manifold Mehndi Motifs

See how creatively the design is made, the women's lengha is beautifully merged on the fingers and moved forward with the motifs. It is the must-try design of this season.

You are always with me and in my thoughts. This mehndi says a lot. The beautiful lotus and shaded motifs are amazingly created. The tiny patterns made inside small squares look clinky and pretty.

Bride-Groom Karvachauth Mehndi

As you celebrate the bond of marriage, this karvachauth pretty little mehndi design is just made, for the newly married romantic couples.

A Unique Mehndi For Karvachauth

If you want something unique & short for Karvachuth, then here you go. The designs are cute, simple yet stylish and trendy.

Mehndi Motifs & Karvachuath Creativity mehndi

In this mehndi theme, one hand is filled will variant mehndi motifs while the other hand shows a woman performing the karvachauth rituals.

Create your Husband's Portraiture

Creating a mehndi portraiture of your husband will enhance more of your love & respect towards him. So, ladies trust me you should go for these mehndi designs for karva Chauth.

Karvachauth Couple Portraiture

Show your love with this beautiful and mesmerising couple portraiture on Kravachauth. Make it more special and unique & enjoy your beautiful married life and may no one cast his evil eyes on your wonderful loving relationship!

The Shy Women Face on Karvachauth

May the sindoor adorns the forehead of yours. Let God Bless you for a long and a Happy married Life. The portraiture of a shy woman can be seen in the picture, which depicts the love & shyness of the women towards her husband. And it seems very fantasy and lovable.

Modern Karvachauth Mehndi

If you would like to go for a modern Karvachauth, then these designs go for the same. The Color Of Mehndi, Prove The Depth Of Your Love. So why not go for the green on one hand and glittery- grey on the other for a modern touch.

The Ceremony Karvachauth Mehndi Motif

Looks like a married women doing a Karva Chauth ceremony with beautiful floral lehnga print. The design is created in a such a beautiful manner that it will surely look unqiue and different on your Karva Chauth day.

Intense Royal Centred Design

The whole design is decorated with lotuses, mango shaped leaves, beils and small flowers. The design is also enhanced, with twinklers added to fill various patterning.

Pure Depiction of Love

This mehndi design is a pure depiction of love, respect & emotion. The way a husband is making her drink water from the lota(pot) while holding her with hands is so romantic & full of respect and emotions that no women will ever leave this karvachauth mehndi design without wearing on her hands.

The Traditional Karvachuath Couple

Mutual admiration, enormous respect, equal attraction and never-ending love. This is all that every couple wants in their marriage forever. Go for a traditional motif mehndi which has beautiful portraiture od both husband & wife looking at each other while of the sperate hands.

Heart Shaped Mehndi

This is a type of mehndi in which there are two many hearts and you can also write the name of your parter in the heart. You can apply heart shaped Mehndi with different design which will stand you out of the crowd.

Pretty Strokes Mehndi Design

This kind of Mehndi design includes lots of strokes and look really beautiful on the hands. This design gives a really royal look on your hands. Basically, it looks more good on backhand which gives really nice texture on the hands.

Jaal Mehndi Design

This Jaal Mehndi pattern is a gorgeous variayion of the usual ones. It involves thin lines to separate the block sp it's the filling that take all the attention. Fingers follows the same pattern which looks really beautiful on your hands

Butterflies Mehndi Design

This mehndi design has long been revered in the mehndi design and they make for a beautiful standalone henna for Karva Chauth. It's good for the ladies who likes to apply less mehndi on their hands.

Small Henna Patterns

This type of designs are more trending on this Karva Chauth. These designs gives aesthetic look in your whole attire for the karva chauth. Despite covering the whole hands, the pattern won't take a long time because of the bigger elements and spacious look.

Hopefully, the articleMehndi Designs for Karva Chauthlisted above will make your experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.