Karva Chauth Mehendi Design has so demand in this festival. Women are very keen on Karva Chauth and feel left incomplete if anything is left, in their dressing. In India Karva Chauth is the most festival celebrated by Hindu women. Women keep fasts for the whole day in praise of their husband's long life. Mehndi is a beautiful way to show love to your husband. This year, Karva Chauth will fast on November 4. Women do 16 adornments for this fast, including mehndi.

Perhaps this is also one reason why married women wait so eagerly for the entire Karvachauth vow. In this fast, she prostrates like a bride. On this day, she completely dresses for her husband is done. Every woman dresses like a new bride. The main part of the Karva Chauth is to wear mehndi. That is why here we have brought for you some beautiful Karvachauth mehndi designs that will complete your tradition on this Karvachauth. Select your Karva Chauth Mehendi Design and get ready for Karvachauth.

Mehendi Designs for Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth Mehendi Design is all about various patterns in the various styles of peacocks, flowers, paisleys, swirly designs, etc., intricately made on your hands and feet.

Indian Mehndi

These designs are thick-skulled and compact, covering of outlines of leaves, vines, flowers, etc. The focus is more on the thickness of the decorative outlines, that partially cover your hands as well as feet.

Pakistani Design

TheKarva Chauth Mehendi Design from across the border, that is, Pakistani mehndi design are more on the lines of Indo-Arabic mixed patterns.

Hand & Feet

Style your design with nice patterns of flowers & motifs. Your henna adorned hands and feet are no exception either.

Geometric Patterns

Mehendi art from the Middle East is all about geometric patterns like lines, squares as well as dots.

Traditional Design

One of the most traditional as well as the oldest Mehendi designs, it is famous for its detailed and unique style. Just like its namesake, this Mughal design is as rich as its culture, with prominent curls and dots making slanting patterns in the form of flowers, domes, leaves, petals, etc., on your arms as well as legs.

Modern Design

It is one of the latest trends in Mehendi these days, especially for modern women who like to try something different yet simple. Strong designs filled with delicate patterns and studded with multicoloured stones, trust us ladies, your husband would not be able to take his eyes off your hands!

Flowery Designs

And, for all the lovely brides-to-be who are getting married near Karva Chauth, you have every right to get the famous bridalMehendi, full of motifs like flowers, paisleys, etc. The design starts from the tip of your fingers and goes up till half of your elbows.


This makes one layout clear and simple. With this, you can add free-hand design to the edge. If you do not want to apply colourful or shimmer design mehndi, then Pearl pattern is more suited for you.

This Mehndi design conveys a married bride performing Karvachauth ceremony. This mehndi design will look amazing on your hands this karvachauth.

Faces Mehndi Design

This is a beautiful Mehndi design created with faces of both bride and groom. It is created with beautiful curves designs and dots.

Story Mehndi Design

This is one of the most beautiful designs of all. The design conveys a story, that the groom putting Sindoor on brides Maang. Trust me it will look elegant & graceful mehndi design.

Shaded Roses

This design, as above, is very flowery. I like the way roses are created finely with bold strokes instead of being smooth. The designed is created in a very shady manner which looks pretty amazing. It looks best with you outfit on Karvachauth.

The Ceremony Design

Looks like a married women doing a Karva Chauth ceremony with beautiful elephant lehnga print. The design is created in a such a beautiful manner that it will surely look unqiue and different on your Karva Chauth day.

Lotus & Elephants

Lotus and elephant with little flowers make the design looks elegant. The dots made inside small squares look clinky and pretty.

Modern Rose

Now this designs is pretty modern. A big rose on the backhand looks beautiful with a tint of pink nail paints.

Red Mehndi For Karvachauth

You can try out red coloured mehndi on this karvachauth. According to Hindu traditions, the red coloured depicts the presence of married bride. This motif will suits the best on you on this karvachauth.

The Criss-Cross Flowers

This beautiful theme of Criss-cross flowers and leaves creating boxes look preety amazing. The dots in the center of these leafy boxes create a sense of happiness.

The front Jewellery Design

The front jewellery design is created by chained jewellery which normally a brides wears on her wedding. And this design will be going to match up with your outfit on Karvachauth.

The Jhumki Design

This Jhumki design will be a perfect match with your Karvachauth outfit. The three bells joining with the two birds above are looking pretty and beautiful.

Feet Roses

Roses on the feet with leaves gives a very sleek and warm look to your whole outfit. This is one of the best mehndi design for foot and legs.

Peacock Beauty

Peacocks design is unique which is also, included in bridal designs. The beauty of peacock feathers is also, fetched in this design. This design can be incorporated into beautiful patterns. The grace in this design is truly remarkable and cannot be compared to any other design.

V-Shaped Traditional Feet& Hands

The matching design for both hands & feet. This mehndi looks beautiful in red colour. It gives a traditional look to both your hands and feet. Now, this is one of the prettiest mehndi design for feet.

Black Mehndi

This mehndi is dark in pattern and have a special V-rounded pattern that is given more emphasis and centrality on. It consists of beautifully flowery leaves and circles.

Bride-Groom Mehndi

This is a unique design made with creating a beautiful picture of married couples. The mehndi is in black dark colour which gives a sassy look to the whole mehndi art.

Glitter Mehndi

Coloured Sparkle mehndi design helps to highlight the concept of design which makes the design more beautiful. It is not a traditional design, but many women experiment with this design to look unique on their special wedding day.

Backhand Finger Jewellery

Backhand jewellery is best if you want to depict pieces of jewellery. This one is for all the ladies who are fond of pieces of jewellery.

Leafy Squares Design

Beautiful leafy squares define the squares on your hands make it look more beautiful.

Beautiful Traditional Art

A tradional art is always a great choice for special ceremonies. Go for it this Karvachauth.

Hopefully, the article Karva Chauth Mehendi Design listed above will make your experience easier. For any query simply comment on the comment box.