Vikas Setia is a Delhi-based IT professional turned Life Coach who specializes in Mind Wellness, Weight Loss & is also an Amazon best-selling Author. He is passionate about empowering people to unlock their mental healing power & achieve overall well-being through simple NLP techniques, which is his area of expertise.


He is the youngest and the most pampered child in his family. He has an elder brother and a sister and had a beautiful childhood with them. He is very close to his parents. But he is closest to his mother and he considers him as the pillar of his life he considers his father as his backbone who supports him in every possible way.


He has worked as a corporate employee for 15 years. During this period, he was stressed by the critical project deadlines, juggling a heavy workload, and burnt out. He started to invest, learned and healed himself with NLP tools. He has first-hand knowledge and understands the pain areas, which is why he took the responsibility to help other people. However, he doesn't want others to go through the entire process which is very lengthy; he has simplified the learning curve and made it really simple and easy to do via his program "Ultimate Health Blueprint". He has shortened both the struggle and the time it took him to get to where he is now.

Awards and accolades

• Favorite vacation, movie, and your motto for life.

• Not only this, His book "Accelerated Wellness blueprint" was launched by YSR (Asia's biggest NLP Coach) in Goa and is also an Amazon best seller.

His favorite vacation spot is Europe.

His favorite movie is Titanic.

His all-time favorite motto of life is :' Be 1% better each day.'

His life was not always the same. During his IT career, although he was doing well outside, still he was stressed out. He had a calling within himself and realized his potential/talent and something inside him was seeking an expression and that's where he realized that he needed to empower people. From that point, his journey of learning started. He got advanced NLP certified and applied it all on him first and then reached out to others to empower them.

He is on a mission to empower change in one million stressed-out professionals in India and throughout the world by leveraging his advanced mind skills and outlook to spread health and wellness and assist them in unlocking their inner healing ability and achieving optimal health. This is just the beginning.

His powerful message for everyone is to Keep moving towards your goal. If you don't have a goal yet then have one and start working on it. Life would be on a whole different level.