Sudha Nujilla hails from a middle-class Brahmin family in Hyderabad. Being the youngest of the two siblings in her household, she had been the pampered kid of her household. Her father was employed in a transferable government job. This is why she had to change cities in her school life. Her primary childhood was spent in Chandigarh and Mumbai.

Sudha had an athletic and energetic childhood and was always passionate about sports. She was actively involved in her school badminton tournaments as well as cultural events.

Her mother was a homemaker whose full-time job was to take care of her family and her home. Her elder brother is employed at TCS and stays in Hyderabad with his parents. Sudha’s husband is into research in chemical sciences, and the couple is proud parents of two wonderful kids, Abhiram and Anirudh, aged 13 years and 11 years, respectively.

Even though Sudha had a pampered childhood, her father never failed to discipline her siblings when required. However, his strict nature as well as his transferable job created a distance between him and the kids. She says that she has always been closer to her mother, who is her best friend as well as her safe space. Her mother always supported her in everything Sudha did and never failed to advise her whenever needed.

Sudha recalls being an average-performing student in academics, but she made up for it through her exemplary performance in athletics and extracurricular activities. Her teachers adored her, and she won prizes in many extracurricular activities she participated in.

Life has been no less than a roller coaster ride for her. Even though she was very athletic and energetic, she had to face numerous medical challenges. The unpredictability of such complications made it difficult for her to mold and live her life the way she always dreamed of. In the past 2 decades, Sudha has undergone around ten surgeries for her various medical issues, which include two maternity C-sections. Instead of losing hope and giving up entirely due to her health complications, she has learned to take each day as it comes and appreciate the moments of joy. This has taught her resilience and the importance of cherishing the small victories and pleasures in life.

Sudha recalls her most difficult surgery, which was when she recently underwent two knee surgeries and it took her six months to walk. This shook her confidence to the core, and she suffered from regular anxiety, thinking there was a possibility that she may have to give up dance and badminton.

However, her friends and family stood beside her while she struggled to get back on her feet and helped her rebuild her confidence from scratch. With the overwhelming support people exhibited for her, she bounced back to her old self and joined her work full-time, while also maintaining her flare for dance and badminton.

The moment she took her first step on the badminton court after her knee surgery, Sudha says, was the best moment of her life. It was no less than a magical moment for her. Further, receiving a Visionary Award as part of the HR & Business Excellence Awards 2024 conducted by Triumphs of Talent, Hyderabad, was a privilege.

Sudha aims to inspire future generations by telling them the story of her struggles and how she bounced back every time life got her down.

Even though life was never a bed of roses for her, she still feels that she has lived to the fullest extent possible and taken everything life threw at her with a pinch of salt. Sudha’s biggest strength has been the people around her, but her biggest weakness has also been the people. In her pursuit to give her best and reach her maximum potential in everything she does and with everyone around her, she realised that her efforts were not being reciprocated. Every time she extended a hand, asking for support from those for whom she had invested her time and energy, she received nothing but disappointment. These have been some of the major lessons in her life.

Sudha’s life quote is: You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up in life. I fight my own battles, and yes, I am a warrior!!!

Her message to all is: true relations and friendships are hard to find, value them. Do not change yourself based on situations in life, but take a stand for people who value you for what you are and be available for them when they need and not when it is comfortable for you.