Rituparna Chatterjee, born and brought up in Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, is a multifaceted individual. Trained as an artistic and rhythmic gymnast, fencer, painter, and travel enthusiast, she boasts a diverse skill set that reflects her dedication and passion. Achieving a national gold medal in artistic gymnastics, Rituparna's journey began at the tender age of five.

At this stage, her body's flexibility was optimal for the demands of gymnastics, and she delved into training with fervor.

Simultaneously, she pursued her academic endeavors at one of Prayagraj's oldest and most prominent English-medium ICSE Board institutions, the Girls’ High School and College. This establishment anchored the foundation of her education. Amidst these formative years, she holds cherished memories of teachers who nurtured her intellectual growth and acknowledged her gymnastics talent.

As her educational journey continued, Rituparna Chatterjee's pursuit of excellence extended to higher education. She earned both her graduation and master's degrees in psychology from the University of Allahabad, a distinguished central university located in Prayagraj.

Reflecting on her childhood, Rituparna's memories transport her to the rigorous training and competitive championships that defined her path. Her dedication was evident in her daily routine, which began before dawn. Leaving home at 4:00 a.m., she would promptly make her way to the training center, where she engaged in rigorous gymnastics exercises from 4:30 to 6:00 a.m. Adhering to a disciplined schedule, she seamlessly transitioned into her school uniform, ensuring her arrival by 7:00 a.m. at the Girls’ High School and College.

The day's dedication did not end there; it was complemented by an intense evening training session lasting from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Her success today is the result of relentless determination, resilience, and a remarkable work ethic that she exhibited throughout her formative years.

As the younger daughter of Dr. Shikha Chatterjee, an esteemed English faculty member in higher education, renowned author, and poet, and the granddaughter of the late Dr. S.K. Bhattacharyya, a distinguished medical practitioner in Allahabad, Rituparna Chatterjee has been nurtured within the embrace of a highly educated and progressive Bengali family. This family is deeply rooted in the belief in holistic development, advocating a harmonious fusion of academics, sports, literary pursuits, cultural activities, and unwavering ethical values.

Under the watchful guidance of her caring maternal grandmother, the late Smt. Anjali Bhattacharyya, Rituparna would often become enraptured by the captivating tales from “Thakumaar Jhuli” and "Panchatantra.”. In the company of her elder sister, Ishani, an ardent reader and accomplished scholar, Rituparna's passion for reading was kindled and encouraged.

Rituparna Chatterjee's upbringing was further enriched by her mother's proficiency in Indian vocal classical music, holding the title of a Prabhakar. Her mother's musical inclination instilled a fascination for music in Rituparna herself. However, the ambiance at home was not solely centered around music. Literary and cultural discussions permeated the household, blending seamlessly into the fabric of her upbringing. Immersed in a familial environment that nurtured her ambitions, Rituparna found herself inspired by her late grandfather, a dedicated fitness enthusiast and sportsman. His legacy infused her with an understanding of the vital role fitness plays in an individual's life.

The pillars of support extend to her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. Ankit Shukla, who stood by her side throughout her gymnastic journey. Her late grandmother, too, remained a steadfast advocate of her endeavors, providing unwavering encouragement. However, the most significant influence remains her mother—a paragon of selfless commitment. It was her mother's tireless dedication that equipped Rituparna for the rigorous demands of sports training while simultaneously ensuring that her academic progress remained steadfast.


i) Gold medal in the 19th Sub Junior Gymnastics Championships organized by Maharashtra Amateur Gymnastics Association, Mumbai (2005)

ii) Bronze medal in the 54th National School Games Gymnastics Championships organized by the Department of School Education, Andhra Pradesh (2008).

iii) Silver medal in the 28th Uttar Pradesh Artistic Gymnastics Championships organized by the Uttar Pradesh Gymnastics Association, Allahabad, U.P. (2008).

iv) Silver medal in the 23rd State Sports Championship organized by the Basic Education Department, U.P. (2003).

v) International Book of Records holder for longest full-leg split hold (2023).

She participated in the 2nd South Central Asian Gymnastics Championship, organized jointly by the Gymnastics Federation of India and the National Sports Academy, Allahabad, U.P. (2005), and has also attended the national gymnastics camp in Balewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, organized by the Sports Authority of India (2009).

Her favorite vacation is Pondicherry, and her favorite movies are Chak de India, Dangal, and Mary Kom as she loves sports-related movies.

“I nurture a dream of winning an Olympic medal in rhythmic gymnastics, though there is still a lack of advanced training facilities for gymnastics in India. Nevertheless, I do intend to create a Guinness record someday,” said Rituparna Chatterjee

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts. Dan Gable”

Message for all: Follow a regular fitness regime even amidst the mundane routine of life, as disciplining your body helps you to discipline your mind as well. Hard work is the key to bigger achievements and glory.