Women who brokes the stereotype of people thinking that women cannot start any business


This is a story about a women who has broken the stereotype of people thinking that women cannot start any business and they can only handle household chores.

We are talking about “Ritika Pathak” who is basically from Chandigarh works in Digital Marketing Industry for the last several years. Her work is in Chandigarh and Punjab. She really likes Digital Marketing Brand awareness and Business Promotions. She is also helping a lot of people to make a career in Digital Marketing by conducting classes and seminars. She also gives free consultations to students for career guidance. She is helping a lot of people to have more lead generation for their businesses.

CHILDHOOD -She had a great childhood. Her family is very supportive and they have always supported her goals. she was a very sincere student in her school too. Recently she got invited as Chief Guest at her own school. Her family members are proud of her achievements.

LIFE JOURNEY -Her career journey was not really easy because she didn't get guidance for her career like what she has to do and how to do business. But with her own experience, she has achieved a lot of rewards and appreciation from well-reputed people in the industry She is a firm believer in hard work. She believes that we can achieve anything in life through hardwork. Being in the business industry, it was difficult for her as a lady to setup the business, because of the existence of stereotypes about women doing business. But she took it positively and with her hard work, she achieved success and still she is working hard to achieve more.

She believes that life is a great teacher and that life has really taught her many lessons and is still learning to be a good and authentic human being.

Her favorite vacation spots are Rajasthan and Delhi. She likes movies based on histories and realities.

Her motto in life is based on Karma. She totally believes in Karma and she has faith that What goes around comes around.


• She has got awards for Best Digital Marketing Coach 2022

• Also, she got awarded Best Digital Marketing Expert 2022.

She also got an award for best student in her entire education and a reward as being Chief Guest at Annual Functions at many places.

FUTURE AIM- She is a very motivational person and she has many aims in her life she wants to achieve more success and she wants to be a humble and good human being.


Her life quote is " what goes around, comes around " And ''Keep Learning. ''She truly believes that along with being a successful person, one should also be a good human being too.