Lifestyle: Priyanka Thakur from Himachal Pradesh, Mandi is a Rehabilitation Psychologist by profession and also provide medical facilities to animals in need through various doctor. She likes listening to music and indeed, a food lover. She loves exploring new food joints. like music and food.

Childhood: Her childhood was spent in Paonta Sahib then Shimla with her. She lived their with her parents and brother. Priyanka's father always had immense trust on her and that's why he gave her freedom and let her pursue her future in the field she wanted to. Her mother is an open hearted women and she enjoys talking with her most of the time. She is indeed her best friend even now. He younger brother is doing a job after MBBS. Choosing Psychology was one of her best decision in her life. She loves making goals and then do her best efforts to achieve them with dedication and motivation. .She is very grateful to Professor Sangeeta Khullar Mam and Dr. Surender Dhalwal sir for helping her in the best way they could during her college life and then training period. My nana ji stood beside me in every thick and thin though it is was not ashamed of my straight word nature. Whatever he says on are side but he like my father gave me security and understood me when I needed in the most and today she is able If today to do and whatever doing in my life is because of him When in her family Distant relatives gave her weird advices for being born to the mother and my father never openly supported her in this sit nana always positive attitude toward her if she used to take a stand for herself. She always had this statement from women that she will get a rich guy because she is good looking. Her father supported her but because of social pressure of relatives and society couldn't express outside how he used to feel for her daughter.But he always kept her telling to get higher degree and supporting with all he had .He gave her all freedom and trust .The strength that she gets is from her father's love as he is not an ordinary person but a person of great values who would only want good for her daughter nana ji and nani ji the other strong pillars in her life.

Achievements: Awards Global Women's Inspiration Award, Strongest Women's Inspiration Award-Best Psychologist Category. She have been in top 10 in modelling in India's Talent Fight, Top 5 in Himachal's Got Talent and also in Miss Saharanpur top8. Strongest women award influential Indians Best Women Of Excellence -Psychology She got that again.

Journey Of Life: Her life has been more like a roller coaster ride full of highs and lows, and now it is a time when she feels confident, content and more relaxed than ever. God has been helpful in her life in every aspect, according to Priyanka. She says, whenever she was in a problem, she always held the hand of god and than took her step forward to move on. When we talk about her future goals or the car she loves to buy, she is not hesitant to talk about it. She wans to buy a sports car one day with her earned money and become a successful psychologist.

Her life quote is "Just be nice without expectations from others" That's it. She wants to work hard enough to help others to the maximum.

Qoute: Her message for all. "Have compassion and love for all". "Value other's efforts and and their hard work". "Women have gotten so above the social challenges, learn to embrace positive side and their strength".