Doctors are the people who thoroughly utilize their extensive medical science knowledge into the betterment of the society. We at the Crazy tales are today overwhelmed to share the enlivening story of Dr. Haleema Yezdani who is a general physician and diabetologist with 20 years of experience and hold such brilliant accolade which makes her dutifully recognized as one of the future 50 clinical leaders in Telehealth by HIMSS, Ambassador Telemedicine Today Karnataka India Chapter, Ambassador Global Telehealth exchange, BENFA and KPCC doctor's cell.

Young doctor's Family Life: Being in a nuclear family Dr. Haleema was loved and cared by both her parents. Her father helped her built the strength and vigor for becoming the doctor she stand of today and her mother lovingly supported her as a best friend and critic. She spent most her childhood in her maternal grandparent's home as her father worked abroad. While raising her mother made sure that she had the best of education for which Dr. Haleema today is very grateful.

Life as a Doctor: She did her schooling at Sri Kumaran children's home one of the best schools in Bengaluru and soon after qualified triumphantly for the free seat in medical. The news was extremely happy but staying alone in hostel for 5 years was very tough for the initial few months. Soon, she settled well and started enjoying the company of her friends while working extremely hard in her career to graduate as a doctor. Her parents were hugely proud and shortly after she married and settled in Saudi with her husband where she started work as an Intensivist at a hospital.

Life changing Impact: As we feel life is being the best for us it comes to a halt. Suddenly, she started experiencing episodes of dizziness, sweating and palpitations and on investigation it was discovered that she had hypoglycemic episodes but the reason was undetected. She moved back to India until she recovered. Unfortunately, the recovery time lasted too long and she couldn't continue her job in Saudi. During her interim she started her private practice, but the professional domain on digital health and medicine became intriguing for her. She researched briefly and started her journey in the field of telemedicine. After this she never stopped and in her words "The field of Telemedicine was most exhilarating for it's reach especially during the Covid period, I could see 7000 plus patients and help them on a probono basis through telemedicine which would have been impossible otherwise".

Awards and Recognition: The field of Telemedicine really communed to Dr Haleema and she received many awards and recognition for her role.

To further aid she launched a free helpline through BENFA, wherein people can connect through the number mentioned and avail her consultation directly on a probono basis.She was acknowledged as one of the 20 women achievers in Karnataka and was also presented the Karnataka Mahila Ratna award.

For her tremendous work she received the title of Best expert in telemedicine by Karnataka book of records. KPCC identified her as a Corona Warrior where as Xiaomii on this International women's day appreciated her as an Expert in the medical field.

Aim in Life: According to Dr Haleema, she doesn't believe in giving up no matter how difficult the obstacles are she likes to keep treading on it as success is never too far. She firmly believes the trials and tribulations she faced in her journey made her what she is today and she is extremely grateful for them.

Her major aim is to create more awareness about the use of digital health among both doctors and patients and assist more and more people.

We salute her valor for inspiring young women. Not only she loves to work and help but she also spends time on things she likes for herself either watching her favorite movie like 'Bajirao Mastani' or timely visitations to Mangalore St Mary's Island a place she adores.

We at the crazy tales were also overwhelmed to honour Dr. Haleema Yezdani at our event in the Powerful women awards.