Lifestyle Gurus always advise about how to maintain the well-being of self. But a professional Life coach works enthusiastically on helping people attain progress in their careers, and lives while maintaining their social relations and mental health. All of us know how important our health and mental health care are. We care about our physical body and appearances but what's on the inside needs the nourishment of self-love too. In the view of the above profession, we at The crazy tales bring to you the stirring journey of our very own Mitali Jaiswal, a professional Life and Success Coach with an experience of 16 years in Strategy Consulting.

Childhood and family bonding: She lived with her loving and caring parents and moved for jobs in various foreign countries. Even though she was in a well-paid job travelling to almost 19 countries and residing in Europe, the US, and the UK for work she was not getting the kind of life satisfaction. Her father was the biggest support in her career choices and he always guided her without judgment. Shortly, after she happily married, and 11 years down the lane she has an adorable 8-year-old son.

Education: Her journey started in the small town of Madhya Pradesh. Her dad was in the service industry and because of his travelling job to multiple states where only a few English medium schools existed was a very common scenario. There was a time when her father was posted to Gujarat and no English Medium School after 10th standard was present, so she had to move out to a hostel for her further studies. She pursued her bachelor's in science and post-graduated with an MBA from Lucknow. She started to work in Mumbai and switched to Bangalore before she got married and settled in Delhi. She loved to be independent as she was doing excellent in her career domain, but things changed after her son was born and she was not feeling satisfaction in her job. She felt like there was a need to do something more important to contribute to the world.

Life Motivation: After a lot of spiritual journeys to monasteries and spiritual Guru she somehow found her purpose to serve as a life coach. At present, she has counselled and coached over 3000+ people around the globe. She happens to be the founder of Life Sutra PVT Ltd. where she works with the best people to enhance their life even further.

Awards and accolades: Before she started her professional journey as a Life Coach she was tilted as Mrs Delhi-NCR for the year 2018. She was recently awarded as the Best motivation coach in 2020 and her life after that has never stopped to flourish.

Aim of life: Mitali strongly believes that she has been very lucky in her life and career choices. She aims to run a successful life coaching Empire. At present, she is launching her app for life coaching this month. She wishes to achieve the milestone in the path she opted for working as it claims to be bigger than her. It's about touching the lives of many people and helping people with emotional issues which she gives her 100% into.

In her wise words "There is no one who is not going through a tough time, as a human, it's your primary responsibility to take care of your well-being whether it's emotional, mental, financial and relationships. You should always come first. Only then you can truly help the world". She also takes out her time for her family vacations to her favourite countries including London, Zurich, and Switzerland, and also frequently watches movies the recently viewed being Gangubai.

We at The crazy tales are honoured to applaud the sincerity of Mitali for being a role model and inspiration to all young minds.