Megha Rawat is an engineer by profession and a theater and television actor by passion. She is also the title holder of the Mrs. India 2013 award and has represented India in the Mrs. Asia pageant competition held in Malaysia in the same year.

Hailing from a defense family, her childhood involved moving to different cities every few years. Megha, instead of being sad about losing her friends, decided to take this as an opportunity to make new friends and create vivid memories in different cities. Meeting new people and interacting with people from different cultures around the country helped her explore her interests and develop her personality. Her ambitions kept changing as she kept exploring her budding interests in various fields.

Her family also supported her changing ambitions and always gave her room to grow. They are her best guides and also her best critics. Her husband, too, has always encouraged her to follow her dreams and never give up on exploring and creating new interests for herself.

Megha feels that her journey has always made her a better person. Due to her interactions with various cultures and her experiences, she has become a wiser and more balanced person. Spiritually, she is a follower of Brahmakumaris, and she believes that the knowledge she has gained from them has helped her navigate through the curveballs life has thrown at her.

Getting introduced to the Brahmakumaris was like opening a new door for Megha. It exposed her mind to new horizons and completely changed her perspective on life.

Winning the title of Mrs. India in 2013 was one of the most memorable moments of her career. The night she won the crown, she could not sleep due to excitement. She says that she got the same adrenaline rush when she performed for the first time in the theater, and stood in front of the camera for the first time as a television actress. This was when she realised that performing arts was her passion.

When asked about the tough times of her life, Megha, with a small smile on her face, thanked God Almighty for being kind to her. She is also grateful for the Brahmakumaris and her family, who kept her grounded, calm, and focused in the face of adversity. She feels that she has always received support from the universal power, which has guided and protected her forever.

Every time she felt lost, she gave herself enough time to recover. She allowed herself to vent and process the sad feelings. Once she is done with the same, she then focuses on redirecting such feelings toward positive thoughts and creativity.

Currently, Megha aims to explore new hobbies and develop her already existing passions. She wants to keep doing things that make her heart and soul happy.

Megha feels that people should learn how to manage their emotions and focus only on things that are necessary for their sustenance. Many times, the people around her focus more on superficial and materialistic things and forget to prioritize their real aim, which is to live happily and make as many memories as they can. She is grateful for being able to learn how to keep a balanced approach to life and enjoy and appreciate life the way it is.

Her motto in life is: Keep your intentions pure, and the universe will always have your back.

Megha’s message for the audience is: The world doesn’t need successful people; what it desperately needs are lovers, peacemakers, and healers of all kinds.