Malak Shah, a Start-up incubator Manager/ Mentor with a background in MBA finance. With so many feathers in her hat, she is also pursuing actuarial science. With a passion for tarot reading, healing, and creativity in fine arts such as painting and drawing, she is an enthusiast with a passion for learning problem-solving. She thrives on creativity and innovation and constantly seeks new challenges to push her boundaries.

Malak’s childhood was full of curiosity and exploration. She had always been fascinated by knowing how things work and loved to tinker with creativity. The world of inventions, inventors, and innovators was very exciting for little Malak, and she wanted to explore more in the same field. Since childhood, she knew that she wanted a career where she could bring about change and a positive impact on society through her innovation, whether be it a research or entrepreneurship.

All throughout her journey, her family played an integral role. The credit for molding Malak into the successful human she is today goes to her family. She was surrounded by a loving family who always encouraged her to pursue her aspirations. Her parents fostered her love for learning, and her sister was her biggest support system and cheerleader every time life got tough. The unwavering support of her family became a cornerstone of her personal and professional growth.

One memorable moment of Malak’s life was when she expressed interest in pursuing a rather unconventional career path. Instead of discouraging her beliefs and choices, her parents listened attentively and voiced their concerns critically. They asked her thought-provoking questions, and when they were satisfied with her research and her answers, they stood behind her as she embarked on a new adventure. It was only because they believed in her that she got the confidence to overcome obstacles and chase her dreams.

Her life had its share of ups and downs; however, having the unyielding support of her family always motivated and strengthened her. Their support taught her the value of perseverance and resilience, which influenced not only her career but also her outlook on life.

The journey of her life has been a mosaic of experiences, challenges, and growth. From her earliest memories to the person she is today, each phase has shaped her in profound ways. However, if she were to distill it into a single narrative, it would be one of resilience, self-discovery, and the unwavering support of mentors and friends.

One of the most inspiring incidents of her life happened when she suffered a series of setbacks that tested her resolve and questioned her sense of direction. It was during this time that she met her mentor, who became her guiding light in her journey through life. His entry into Malak’s life was very crucial. He helped her find her path. Their wisdom, empathy, and unwavering belief in her potential provided her with the strength to persevere. This person not only offered her invaluable advice but also served as a beacon of hope during her darkest moments.

She can still clearly recall one specific incident when she was prepared to give up, facing what seemed to be an impossible task. That's when he intervened, encouraging and giving realistic solutions. Their confidence in her rekindled her resolve and gave her a newfound vigor to move forward.