Amruta Makode hails from the City of Lakes, Bhopal. She is the recipient of more than 150 awards for her literary and creative work globally. She is a co-author, writer, soft skills trainer, motivational speaker, dancer, and storyteller. As an MBA degree holder, she was professionally associated with various top-notch companies. Her area of expertise is the EdTech domain. She is currently taking a break and upskilling herself. She is a learning, training, and development enthusiast. She has co-authored four anthologies. She has written articles for the Times of India. Her exclusive interview was broadcast by All India Radio Bhopal. Multiple National Level Award winners for her dancing skills. She is an active participant in various open mic events. She has also been awarded for her photography skills, both at the national and international levels. She is fond of reading, traveling, photography, theater, social service, long drives, cafe hopping, and listening to music.

Her childhood was really a blissful, memorable, and euphoric one. As a kid, she was shy and introverted, with limited friends. But she never had stage fright. Her love for creativity was there right from her childhood days. The best part about her parents is that they acknowledged every little progress she used to make and celebrated every special moment.

She has an elder sister and a younger brother. The bonding between the siblings is really strong. She never felt the need for a best friend, as her siblings were there.

Her weakness was accepted by my family, and they made her realize her strength. Her parents never compared her to her siblings. Her parents gave her the power to be self-reliant, make her own decisions, and follow her passion.

God has been kind. Ups and downs are part of life. Her mom has always been a source of inspiration for her. Her mother is a multi-talented personality, being the first lady in Madhya Pradesh and the second lady in India who was awarded the Meghnad Saha Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

There will be all types of experiences in life, some constructive and some vexatious, but she has learned a lot from each one. Each experience, pleasant or unpleasant, helped her grow in life. From getting rejected in dance auditions a number of times to becoming a three-time winner of the Solo National Level Dance Competition, from being a girl who lacked confidence in school to being an International Women's Award awardee, from struggling to score passing marks in grade 1 to becoming a nine-point scorer in the final semester of PG, from a girl who could not raise her hand in class, in spite of knowing an answer, to training 2000+ people across the globe Each experience in life has added value to her learning. Nothing is permanent in life. She believes there is always room for improvement. She always pats herself on the back for the goals she has achieved in this life’s journey. Having gratitude for what she has at the same time as working towards what she strives for in life

Awards and Accolades:

1) International Women's Clan Award 2023, Momma Clan, and International Women’s Award 2022 by MRS Films and Events

2) Rashtra Prerna Award 2022 for outstanding individual performance and distinguished services to the nation by Vishwa Guru Bharat 2022

3) Recognized by the World Book of Star Records 2022

4) Business Innovation Award, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Young Indians

5) Tagore Award Awardee by Litermora in association with the Government of Bengal 2022

6) International Inspiration Award, HER Story Times 2022

7) Woman of Excellence (Literature) 2022, The Crazy Tales

One can achieve anything in life, whatever the human mind can manifest, keeping one’s skills into consideration. If you have a strong conviction and your family is supportive of what you are doing in life, you need no validation from others. It is very important in life to embrace your uniqueness. There is a lot of noise around us, and people always say that things are to be done in a specific way. But don’t let stereotyping define your work style. Every person has his or her own life journey; never compare yourself with anyone else. Nothing is permanent in life, neither success nor failure. It is up to us to perceive things. Every experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant, teaches us something. Nobody can take away your lessons. Be a lifelong learner and always a work in progress. Always learn from your experiences in life. It is okay to make mistakes and feel low. One might fall at times, but bouncing back after a fall is the hallmark of a winner. Take one step, one day at a time; don’t let the entire staircase overwhelm you. If you think the grass is greener on the other side, don’t complain or compare; instead, water the grass you are standing on. Don’t be a part of the blame game. Most important Keep marching!