Sneha Jain is the writer of several books, including She: The Withered Flower, for which she became a placeholder in the India Book of Records.

Currently, in her early 20s, Sneha has written over five books that inspire her readers to be themselves and be comfortable with their own identities. Hailing from Karnal, Haryana, Sneha was an introvert and a deep thinker. She loved to stay in the comfort and solace of her own home rather than go out with children her age. She has been inclined to read since childhood and loved to read about everyone who seemed to be famous or creative in her mind. Jain aspired to be one of these people and make her mark in the world.

Sneha lives with her family, which includes her parents and her younger brother. She is grateful to her family for being her biggest supporters when she decided to take up writing. It is only because of the trust her family placed in her that she was able to create something so beautiful and poignant that the world loved it.

The journey of her life was neutral. She did have her share of worries, hard work, and backstabbers, but only because of her willpower to prosper along with her family’s relentless support was she able to not give up and keep proceeding in the journey of life.

Her venture into writing started when she was 19 years old. The major credit for her developing an interest in writing goes to her English teacher. Sneha calls her English teacher her mentor, and her parents played a part in being the guiding light. Other than this, her friend from school motivated her and appreciated her.

As of now, Sneha is a motivational speaker as well as an award-winning author. She is always available to people interested in talking to her about her life journey via her Instagram page or her e-mail ID.

Ms. Jain is the recipient of more than 35 awards, and her major accolades are:

World Record as Aspiring Author, 2021

India Book of Records for her book "She: The Withered Flower”

Bharat Vibhushan Award, 2023

Pillars of the Nation Award, 2023

National Icon Award, 2023

Her motto in life is “Be the First You.” She motivates everyone to be true to themselves and be who they are without feeling guilty or fearing any judgment.

Life is rarely a cakewalk for anyone. It is the lows and highs of life that keep it interesting and develop personality. Even Sneha’s life had its twists and hurdles, which caught her by surprise at the least expected moments. However, this never deterred her from her life goals and instead motivated her to do better.

Now her new goal is to become a motivational speaker and writer, even for schoolchildren, teenagers, and women, and motivate them to be the best version of themselves.

There have been moments when even she lost all hope in life. One of these moments was when she let someone see her vulnerable side, and then the person backstabbed her. Sneha says it left a permanent mark on her heart and mind, but now she has learned how much of her true self to reveal. She did not let the hurt have an effect on her writing and her skills; in fact, she let the pain flow through her words. Writing became her coping mechanism. Just like Cormac McCarthy, Sneha too believes that “creative work is driven by pain. It is only when you are in pain that your creations become beautiful.”

Recently, Sneha was at a public place where an elementary school kid recognized her. She met her along with her grandfather and told her that she remembered her from her book. This is when Jain felt the proudest of herself and her work. Her grandfather told her that the kid’s teacher had made them listen to a speech, and since then, the child has been inspired to be even better than Sneha Jain herself. This is when she felt that a part of her motto and goal had finally been achieved, and her aim to motivate others to be their unique selves would be achieved soon too.

Sneha’s parents have always asked her to not be the one who is counted as a common person, but instead to be the one who stands out from the crowd.

Her life quote is “Buckle to be the First You.”

Her message to all is, “Do not worry if you are the flickering star at present; have faith in yourself, and soon you will be the lone shining one.”