Pallavi Chauhan is a Naturo-Therapist Ph.D., BPT, and MPT, having her clinic in Maujpur, Delhi. She belonged to a middle-class family. In school, she was an average student, and after completing her studies, she started a job. Her family placed a huge amount of faith in Ayurveda and indigenous treatments instead of investing in allopathy. She heard about naturopathy during that time and decided to join the course for it. Her family was very supportive of all her decisions and supported her at every step of her life.

Pallavi Chauhan says that according to Ayurveda, the human body is made of Panchtatva, such as soil, water, air, fire, and the sky. The treatment in naturopathy is based on these panchtatvas. Through naturopathy, she successfully treated severe and chronic diseases such as knee replacement, backbone surgery, brain stroke, asthma, piles, heart diseases, high or low B.P., diabetes, paralysis, neuropathy, cervical disease, et cetera, without any external medications.

Her first patient during her course of study was her grandmother. She was paralyzed, and the doctors told her that she would not be able to survive. This came as a huge shock to the family, but Pallavi, instead of feeling hopeless, decided to take matters into her own hands. She started serving her grandmother and reading books on the advanced study of naturopathy. She prepared a special oil at home with all the natural ingredients under the guidance of the books and gave a massage to her grandmother. Somewhere in her heart, she knew that her grandmother would get well soon. 45 days, it took her 45 days for her hard work to finally show results. Her grandmother was able to walk again by herself. The positive results of her action brought out even more zeal in her, and she started treating people alongside her studies. Initially, she helped her family, but after a while, her name and fame spread into the neighborhood, and people started coming to her with their problems. Every patient she treated successfully brought out a boost of confidence in her.

Along with Naturopathy, she completed courses in Neuropathy, Acupressure, Cupping Therapy, Hizzama, Panchkarma, Dietetics, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Child Psychology, and 25 other therapies. After that, she invented a formula after mixing all these courses and started treating her patients. while also managing a clinic for seven years. During these seven years, she successfully cured more than 500 cases of kidney disease, neuropathy, diabetes, high/low B.P., paralysis, heart disease (3 valve blockage), muscle pain, knee problems, cervical pain, cerebral palsy, piles, backbone surgery, etc. Her aim is to treat the disease at its root.

During this journey, her achievements are listed below:

1. HHO Global Women's Award 2021

2. HHO International Excellence Award 2022

3. Foxclues India Prime Women Icon Award 2022

4. Crazy Tales: Best Naturopath and Ayurvedic Health Expert Award 2022

5. NRM Best Naturotherapist and Physiotherapist Award 2023

6. India Brand Icon Award 2023: Best Naturopathist Award

My aim in the future is to establish a naturopathic hospital where poor people can also avail themselves of treatment facilities. Apart from this, we also organize free camps from time to time. In these camps, free treatment and advice are given to needy patients.

Her message to all is that it does not matter how long you have been walking slowly; the point is that you do not stop.

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