Ramni Uppal has been a middle-class social entrepreneur and head of Best Computer Solutions in Bangalore for 15 years. She recently became a part of the "Best E-Waste Recyclers" organization too. Being a mother of two young daughters and working to help women and people who are economically backward and financially unstable has not always been easy, but she pulled through all of this just because of her zeal to help. She is a believer in spreading love, and being an entrepreneur, she has been an ardent follower of values and morals. She has always been a sharer and giver, and believes that if one is capable of having enough for themselves, then they should share and feel the joy. She wishes to help people with all her heart and wants to change the face of urban society by providing basic sustainability—food, shelter, and a home.

Ramni completed her education in Amritsar, Punjab, and earned all her experiences by being in the industry. She was always outgoing and fun-loving, and she has loved traveling since childhood. She intends to take active part in all the social work organized in Bangalore, where she is now settled, after her marriage to Suresh Uppal.

Ramni says that she always treated her daughters as her friends and wants them to grow up as kind people. Her husband is a computer sales and service businessman, and he has always supported her unconditionally. Her elder daughter is pursuing her graduation in aeronautic engineering, and her younger daughter is graduating with a physics major. Her father is a senior advocate in the High Court of Punjab and Haryana.

She joined the community-based organization Rotary Bangalore Udyog in 2008 and has played all the lead roles there. She is actively involved in the family planning association too, where she has successfully completed a number of projects. She is also a proud holder of Guinness World Records for 2016 and 2017. On August 4, 2016, the most people to sign up to donate blood in 8 hours at multiple venues was 3034, achieved by the India Red Cross and Rotary International District 3190. On February 23, 2017, the largest diabetes awareness lesson (multiple venues) took place, in which 8,814 participants participated at events. She achieved the Paul Harris Fellowship in London. Other than these, she achieved a number of awards in the areas of women entrepreneurs, women of the year, and many more.

As of now, she plans on motivating other women to bring betterment to the society together. Her main goal is to empower women and to be in this industry as long as she can. She believes that "it’s not always about the recognition but the motive behind the help you provide, you must always focus on following your morals and values."

Her message to the readers is that expectation is the root cause of all problems, instead of expecting, rely on hope. To the younger generation, she wants to say that, it is our sole duty to serve poor and needy and it’s never too late to contribute, just start somewhere at least and follow your heart.