Disha Roy, hailing from Guwahati, is a cheerful and jolly girl with a deep love for fashion. She draws all her inspiration from her mother. A kid sincere about her academics, while equally zealous about her passion for fine arts, such as painting, dance, and singing, Disha is a classical Bharatnatyam dancer and vocalist. Her painted creations were nominated during the cultural state exhibition in Guwahati. In a few words, Ms. Disha Roy is the all-rounder kid every Indian parent can dream of.

Initially aspiring to become a doctor, she changed her future professional aim to become an engineer. She pursued her B.Tech in EEE from SRM University, Chennai, and passed with flying colors. Later, she joined IBM as a software engineer.

Her family includes her parents and her. Being a single child, she was very pampered, and her parents were borderline overprotective of her. They were also incredibly supportive and open-minded. However, they always guided her on the right path and took great interest in the decisions she took for herself. Little Disha grew up to be full of passion, compassion, and high moral and ethical values due to her parents. In 2022, she married her husband and is blessed to find the same support from her in-laws too. She was always encouraged to voice her own opinions, and her in-laws also supported the same.

Her journey into blogging and content writing started as a hobby. She did not think of it as a major career opportunity. Her hobby of clicking photos came in handy during this journey. Her first collaboration was with a face wash brand. Its success opened up new ventures for her, which not only included collaborations but also professional photo shoots, fashion ramp walks, et cetera. Her major collaboration was when she shot for a ZEE TV Tamil reality show - Jil Jung Juk, which made her a popular name in this field. Disha Roy still believes that Chennai is her lucky city.

In the early days of her career, she had to move cities very frequently, however, she started firming her base in Delhi NCR. It was a very challenging event because surviving in a competitive city like Delhi NCR is not an easy thing for a beginner. Instead of giving up, she believed in everything her parents taught her and everything she believed in. Every time she broke down, she gathered herself and emerged even stronger in the face of adversity.

When Disha came to Delhi, she had promised herself she would not return without making her parents proud. As a single girl child, it was her duty to make other women out there reaffirm their belief in their potential. This thought did not allow her to back down and give up. Slowly and steadily, Disha built a name for herself, and as of now, she has worked with more than 250 brands.

Awards and Accolades:

Best Emerging Social Influencer - Fashion and Lifestyle, 2023

Woman Conclave Awards

Best Personality Award - Iris Glam, 2019

The favorite vacation of Disha Roy is Kashmir, and her favorite movie is 12th Fail.

Her motto for life is: No matter how hard it is or how hard it gets, I’m going to make it!

When asked about her hardships, Disha shared that she had to manage a 9-5 job while also managing her content creation for brands, which included analysis, planning the theme, outfits, and selection of props. Shooting and editing were also under her ambit. However, the result always made all these efforts worth it.

As for future aims, Disha Roy has a lot on her bucket list. She will be taking steps consistently to fulfill them.

When asked about her proudest moments, Disha replied that even though she has had a plethora of moments where her clients appreciate her work, every time she takes her family on a completely sponsored trip, she feels the proudest of her work.

Disha Roy shared her life quote and message with us which is:

“Either you run the day or the day runs you. Never give up on yourself. It’s always you versus you and not, you versus others. Remember, you are your biggest competition and no one else. You have a long way to go. Keep fighting, keep working hard no matter what.”