Palak Chauhan is a young and enthusiastic writer pursuing her career in journalism and mass communication at Amity University, Mumbai. She loves to write and has contributed to various anthologies and published her first e-book on Google Play Books and the Google Play Store across 150 countries.

She started her writing journey at a very young age; since her school days, she has had a passion for writing. Palak has her own website where she publishes her poems, quotes, articles, and blogs.

Palak spent most of her childhood in Mumbai and completed her schooling at Ryan International School in Kharghar. As a student, she had a huge craze for literature. Sometimes, she just opened a novel and got lost in the fictional world. This was her favorite pastime. Even now, when life gets hard, she likes to cut off from the world and dive into the world of fiction. She has a special bond with her family, and they constantly support her in her future endeavors as well.

Ms. Chauhan has various social achievements as she believes in "contributing to society", In order to be a better human being, she received the International Mother Teresa Award in the field of social work. One of her biggest ventures is the way she started her websites and Instagram page. Her journey has been topsy-turvy, but she never gave up on her dreams and ambitions.

Awards and Accolades:

1. India's Women's Inspirational Award 2022

2. Poet of the Year Award 2022

3. Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award 2022

4. Femme Times International Women's Award 2023

5. The National Achievers Award for the best and youngest poet in 2023

Her favorite vacation memory is from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, and her favorite movie is Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. Her motto in life is to become a news anchor and to make her parents proud.

Life is the biggest teacher; to summarize, it is difficult and satisfying at the same time. Palak lost some people whom she trusted in the course of time and gained some amazing and wonderful experiences, but she also learned the art of letting go and how we can forget things.

Yes, her biggest future aim is to become a news anchor, which she has been dreaming of since 9th grade.

The biggest message would be to "keep believing in yourself and your capabilities, along with the power of your dreams and ambitions."

The life quote will be "Never lose hope, no matter how hard the road to life is."