The journey of Karishma Adawade through her life has been one of dedication, hard work, and passion. After completing her MBA in marketing, she embarked on a professional career in Business Development, Digital Marketing, and M&A-deal making. In 2018, she decided to pursue her own entrepreneurial dreams and started Nutrisnacksbox, with the mission of promoting healthier lifestyles through the provision of clean and healthy snacks. As a mum of a 7-year-old, she always strives to provide the best and cleanest food for her family. She wants to ensure that her child grows up healthy and strong.

Throughout her journey, she has been supported by her parents, her brother, and her husband. Her parents have been an integral part of her professional life, imparting invaluable knowledge and skills in the world of business. Her mother was an entrepreneur in finance for 30 years who taught her invaluable business skills. Her brother has an entrepreneurial mind who trades in historical coins, and her husband is immensely supportive, having previously worked in the food industry and setting up their own unit.

She started her business in a 250 sq ft office in 2019. Later, she shifted to a 1000 sq ft space for manufacturing cookies, soups, and savories. After two years, she moved to even bigger premises of 4800 sq ft to create protein cookies, puffs, soup, granola bars, and cereals.

She has been honored with several awards for her business, including the Food Asia Congress Award and the MSME Business Award. She is passionate about promoting gender equality and providing equal opportunities for women in society! Her success has even led her to become a mentor and coach to other female entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to pursue their own business dreams. Her entrepreneurial journey has brought her many awards: Food Asia Congress Award (2019), MSME Business Award (2021).

Her goal is to help reduce protein deficiency in India by providing daily protein products like dark chocolate cookies, oats cranberry cookies, and granola bars which provide plant protein equivalent to one egg and apple fiber.

Her life motto is simple: dedication, consistency, and focus. She believes that with the right mindset, anything is possible. She aspires to leave a lasting impact by reducing the prevalence of protein deficiency in India through the provision of affordable and healthy snacks. Her ultimate goal is to become the leading manufacturer of protein snacks in India, selling products at 25 rupees or less to ensure that everyone can benefit from them. She is determined to continue striving towards this ambition in the coming years.