INTRODUCTION -This is a story about a woman who is an internationally certified Life Transformation Coach & Trainer, Psychological Counselor, NLP Supercoach,’ and author of the book- "Awaken the self-love queen within you".

She is an artist & biotechnologist turned homemaker, turned Life Transformation Coach, and a Counselor for women. She is a multi-passionate woman wearing various hats with an aspiration to live her highest purpose and assist others in achieving their goals.

The Founder of DARPAN By - Priyanka Verma

She believes that every woman is born with unique talents and abilities so she can coach them on how to replace their limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and awaken their mindset with the help of proven tools and strategies in a multidimensional approach.

She motivates women, to take 100% responsibility for their life, come out of their victim mindset, be their authentic version, and deal with stress, anxiety, and depression through self-love.


She is on a mission- "To help women in the rapid transformation of their life by building the growth mindset, so that they rewire and realign to live life with their highest potential and joy. Also, they become financially and emotionally independent."


She is a mother of 2 daughters, and the wife of a loving husband who is in the merchant navy.

My daughters are my entire world and she has a deep spiritual connection with them. They are her source of inspiration for her personal and professional growth. She also has her mother and sister as her best friends who always encourage and supports her in the highs and lows of her life journey. She loves spending time with them and talking about life skills. In my free time, she likes to read books, gardening, spending time in nature, and listening music.

She was born to a middle-class family and brought up in an orthodox environment. She had a traumatic childhood with lots of restrictions and strict rules to follow from her father. From getting married at the early age of 20, being a homemaker for more than 13 years, to being the Founder of Darpan-by Priyanka Verma is too an overwhelming journey for her.

She adds” getting married at such an early age was no fun, rather a catastrophic experience for me. Coming from a family of four, She was married into a big joint family.”


Amid juggling between the different roles of being a 'responsible' daughter-in-law, a wife, mother, She lost her identity and was left with a void deep within. Eventually, She succumbed to severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, physical ailments like hypothyroidism, migraine, and whatnot, and survived on medications like a zombie. Along with the physical disorders, her emotional and mental health, and relationships all were spoiled. She was failing as a mother, wife, and human being

she took the rein of her life in her hands and worked hard on herself and started with small guided meditation exercises to channel her energies, followed by reading umpteen self-help books. She challenged herself to be the best version of herself. Today she is a completely changed woman. She considers herself Priyanka 2.0. She managed to gain all her lost self-confidence and strength and realized how powerful she is.

In understanding her "old" story, the quest for "self-discovery" and a path to self-mastery emerged, from the beautiful lessons hidden in life's greatest adversities. She mustered up the courage to work on herself by challenging herself to be the best version of herself. Her learning and self-growth journey started in the year 2019 which she calls her Breakthrough Year and I proudly earned more than 30 Certificates till now.


The journey was not easy but she considers herself blessed that she was able to regain her confidence and see herself in the mirror with a lot of pride in her eyes. She fought the odds of her life and conquered her inner world. She didn’t want to restrict this to herself and plan to reach a larger population. She is on a mission to transform the lives of other women who are going through the same agony that she had to go through. she believes that this is the purpose of my life.

She did it for herself, now she is proud to help other women out there. She feels satisfied when she bring results into her clients’ life by organizing their thoughts with the questions that she brings into her sessions. They feel great looking at their life holistically and then Focusing on the area that they really wanted to improve. She guides them in structuring their goals and re-evaluating the things that matter to them and how can they achieve them without internal resistance. Some say that she showers them with, lots of positive reinforcement, and a framework to help them identify and polish their own identity by looking through the Darpan (mirror) that she shows them. They feel more confident about themselves and their abilities.

She also Conducts various online & offline workshops on self-love, taking 100 % Responsibility for life, time management, stress management, 10 X happiness, 10X Productivity, the importance of mental health, and other life skills.

Awards and accolades-

• Best Life coach & Trainer 2022 award by Crazy tales

• Featured in Fox story - 100 under 40 in Author category.

• Global outstanding leadership award by UK skill central

• Inspiring Gem Of India award by Dr. Shivangi Maletia (QITM)

• Women of Excellence Award 2022 by Chalk & Duster

• Best life transformation coach -2022 award by Crazy tales.

• Proud Member of the Indian women’s history museum (IWHM) and Nari Shakti.

• Interviewed by various media companies like soil cup, what a story, Buland honsle, etc

• Featured in magazines like Nayi peedhi, Beauty and the best, brilliantreads, Nainen etc.

• Invited as a guest speaker and panelist in various news channels and other platforms like udaan, Hindi times media, and crazy tales.

• Mrs. India woman of substance 2022 Finalist - Subtitle holder of Mrs. Dignified Diva

She feels that life is the greatest teacher and that every person to whom we are connected has been sent to us for a purpose to teach us life lessons directly or indirectly. She is grateful to the people who supported her in hardships and also to those who do not support her because they are the ones who fuelled her toward success.

She learned the hard way that we as a small girl were trained to be delicate princesses and wait for our prince charming to come to our rescue and fulfill our dreams, but she believes that be a graceful queen, fight your battles by yourself, conquer and design your own destiny.

One last message that she wants to give to every woman in this world is “start taking responsibility for your life, take your sword, sit on a horse, and fight for yourself like a true warrior queen. No one else is going to come to your rescue”

Her vision is "to inspire a billion women in Re-designing their identity."

In the future, She aspires to open a life skills academy for kids so that they blossom into emotionally intelligent adults.