This is a story about a duo who are Founders of Lifafaz Kids Photography which is a Professional Maternity, Newborn, Baby & Family Photography service with a passion for capturing those precious moments of the loved little ones. They specialize in creating timeless, artistic portraits that you and your family will treasure for years to come. With over 5 years of experience, they have honored their craft and developed a unique style that is both Artistic and Luxury. They believe that every Baby is unique, and they work closely with their clients to create personalized photography session that reflects their individual style and preferences. Lifafaz Kids studio is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and equipment, and they use only the finest quality materials to ensure that your images are of the highest standard. Whether you are looking for a simple, elegant portrait or a more elaborate and creative shoot, they are here to help you capture the essence of your baby's personality and charm. So if you are looking for skilled and dedicated baby photography, look no further than Lifafaz Kids. Contact them today to discuss your vision and schedule your Beautiful session!


Avinash and Aniket come from completely different Geography and Culture but still carries Similar taste and Passion. Aniket was born & brought up in the small village Luhsana in Muzaffarnagar and Avinash was born in Sahjanwa, a small town in Gorakhpur.

They met each other in College in 2013. Soon turned into good friends and then Roommates. They spent 4 years together in College and learned various mediums of Fine Art. Aniket specialized in Applied Arts and Avinash was from Painting Dept. During their 2nd year of college, they purchased a Canon 80D camera for my Art related purpose. Both Being Roommates soon developed a sense of Photography and this particular Event of Purchasing the Camera became the turning point in their Photography Career.

After Graduating, They started taking Photography Freelance Projects and soon discovered the Baby Photography Category. Started with Home sessions at first around 2017-18. Then Moving to a Small Studio Space in Noida and now in 2023 with their Fully Equipped, Luxury 3000 sq. ft Studio Space for all their Maternity, New-born, Baby & Family Photo session needs in Noida sec 6 is a Dream Space for all of them and their team.

Growing up in a close-knit family, They have always valued the importance of strong bonds and meaningful connections. As childhood and family professionals, they are passionate about helping families create lasting memories and depending on their relationships with each other.


Whether they are capturing the wonder and curiosity of a child's first steps or the joy and love of a family embracing, they strive to create a warm and welcoming environment that puts everyone at ease. Their aim is to not only document life's precious moments but also to celebrate the unique personalities and dynamics of each family they work with. One of the most special things about working with families and children is the opportunity to witness their growth and development over time. Seeing a child's confidence and sense of self flourish is one of the most rewarding aspects of their job, and they feel privileged to play a role in supporting their journey. At the heart of their work is a deep commitment to creating positive Experiences & Fostering meaningful relationships. They believe that every family has its own story to tell, and they are dedicated to helping them share that story in a way that is authentic, heartfelt, and true to who they are.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Starting their own venture was one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of their life. From the early days of developing a business plan and Bootstrapping to building a team and launching their product & service, every step of the journey was filled with hard work, learning, and growth.

As Entrepreneur, learned the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and innovation, and they are proud to have built a successful business that provides value to their customers and makes a positive impact in the world.

Awards and accolades

Lifafaz Kids 5 Star Rating is the best treasure they can Preserve as a team, Happy Babies & Customer experiences during and after the session make us proud of their Team.

Favorite Vacation:

They say “As someone who enjoys traveling and exploring new places, it's hard to pick just one favorite vacation! Some of their most memorable trips include Exploring Himachal. Each of these trips was special in its own way, and they cherish those memories and experiences”

Favorite Movie:

When it comes to movies, they have a wide range of interests and enjoy many different genres. Some of their favorite movies include Avatar 2, the Avenger series, and the Harry Potter series.

They tells “Each of these films has something unique to offer, whether it's a powerful message, captivating storytelling, or stunning visuals”

The motto for Life:

One motto that resonates with them is

"Life is what you make it." To them, this means that we have the power to shape our own experiences and determine our own path in life. By staying positive, pursuing our passions, and embracing new opportunities, we can create a fulfilling and meaningful life for ourselves and those around us.

It is difficult to summarize one's life in a few words, as every individual's experiences, challenges, and accomplishments are unique. Life can be full of ups and downs, and everyone's journey is different. Some people face more obstacles than others, but it is how we respond to those challenges that define us. Whether we face adversity or good fortune, it is up to us to learn from our experiences, grow as individuals, and make the most of every opportunity that comes our way.

Of course, life can be unpredictable and sometimes we may feel that we are not in control. But even in those moments, we can choose to focus on the things that we can control, such as our attitudes, our actions, and our relationships with others.

In short, life is a journey filled with joys, sorrows, challenges, and opportunities. How we navigate that journey is up to us, and ultimately, it is our choices and actions that determine our happiness and fulfillment.


Increasing the number of studios is one of the ways that the field of baby photography could develop in the future. This would allow them to expand their reach and offer their services to more clients. With more studios, they would also have the opportunity to work in different environments and experiment with different lighting and backgrounds. AI photo editing is another way that the field of baby photography could develop in the future. With the help of AI algorithms, they can automate certain aspects of the editing process, such as color correction, exposure adjustments, and skin smoothing. This can save time and allow them to focus on other aspects of their work, such as client interactions and creative direction.