Lakshita Bhatia is a lady with 8 years worth of experience in HR. People who know her describe her as a jolly woman, who loves life and believes in living to the fullest. Along with being an HR, Lakshita also has an interest in exploring new things, music, singing, dancing, painting, and reading novels.

Growing up, she always wanted to help people to the best of her abilities, and this brought her to her career decision of becoming an HR. Lakshita believes that every person is born with an inherent strength and talent. This strength or talent comes out only when the person is in dire need of it. When God almighty puts someone through a test of their resilience, he also gives them the power to come out of such rough times unscathed and even stronger than earlier.

Childhood for her was a very smooth and sweet time. It was also inspirational as she got to learn a lot of things from her parents and her grandparents. They instilled in her several morals and values that shaped her to be the person she is today.

Her family had always been supportive of her decisions, be it career decisions or her personal life decisions. They always asked her thought-provoking questions and provided her with hones constructive criticism, which helped her shape her decisions for the better.

One of the best moments of her life was when after a series of failures at her dream job, Lakshita had lost almost all her hopes, but it was her family who helped her sail through. Her patience, perseverance, and persistence along with her family’s trust in her turned out to be fruitful when she ultimately cracked an interview and landed her first job. Handing her first paycheck to her parents is one of the moments she cherishes the most.

Since then Lakshita has always been an advocate of patience being the biggest virtue a man can ever hold. Good things happen to those who wait and waiting is an art which shall be learnt. Life always takes exams, only through patience, consistency and faith in the higher power can make you float through the same. Giving up has never been an option.

One of her mentors always used to say that life is a bed of roses, but in order to appreciate the roses of life, you need to pass through the cactus life throws at you. Only when you pass through the cactus do you learn the value of all the comforts of life. Everything has a price. The price of a smooth sailing life is hanging through the tough times of life.

Being a supporter of women’s rights and women empowerment, Lakshita is now aiming to collaborate with various NGOs to promote their values and further their objectives. She believes that every woman if given a chance has a flair to create something beautiful and extraordinary, and she wants to give them the chance.

She says her biggest motivator is the appreciation and smiles of the people she receives every time she helps them. It is only the pure souls and their smiles that keep her going in life, not looking back at her failure with disdain, but only reflecting and learning something from it.

Her favorite vacation spot is Srinagar, which she visited with her parents, and her favorite movie is 12th Fail because it is a very inspirational and coming-of-age movie that she recommends to everyone.

The motto of Lakshita Bhatia is to help people change their mindset towards women and work for women's and children's welfare. She aims to change someone’s life for the better and create new visions for them.

Her message to all is:

Whatever you want to achieve in life envision it and work towards it with determination and you'll achieve it soon.