Lifestyle: Kirandeep Pabla is passionate about Sports and loves everything related to it. She also loves kids, and it is her passion for sports and love for kids that led her to make a career in sports entrepreneurship. She is a former athlete in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics, with an experience of over fifteen years as of 2022.

She has been the State and National champion and has international experience in the field of Rhythmic Gymnastics. She is born into a family of athletes and was made part of the sports industry way before she knew it. Therefore, she always says, "I did not choose sports, sports chose me".

Childhood: As a child, her parents always kept her occupied. She woke up early for her school, then attended her tuition, followed by sports and dance classes. She has always been a very well-balanced person who managed her academics very well with sports. She was not only good at sports but also scored very high academically. Her mother is a working woman, who did everything in her power to help her reach heights. After her job, she traveled with her for hours for Sports and Gymnastics classes. Her mother made sure that she gets the best of everything. She considers her father as her inspiration and wants to make a mark like him in the sports industry.

Professional Life: Like every journey is unique, she also has an interesting journey full of ups and downs. From the very beginning of her career as an athlete, she has never had a coach. Primarily because there was no coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Delhi and not only that there was also no facility for the sports. She trained in open spaces & centers which were not for Rhythmic Gymnastics. But she is a person with a positive Mindset, she never let her drawbacks stop her from fulfilling her dreams. To fill the gap of a coach she took help from YouTube, she also recorded her training sessions and later evaluated them at home. But she did not stop there, it was the values taught by her parents and her big heart towards serving other people that made her help fellow competitors, friends, and juniors to train & not feel demotivated. She was unknowingly playing three roles at that time, the role of an athlete, coach, and psychologist. But she was too naïve to realize that all this is giving her a lot of experience from a very young age which will help her later. Despite all her hardships, she made a big name in the field of Rhythmic gymnastics.

Achievements: She now runs a Sports academy by the name of WATHER, where she's on a mission to develop the sports sector in India, especially for girls and women. And to make Rhythmic Gymnastics one of the most popular Sports of our country.


1. The first and only internationally qualified coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Delhi.

2. National level judge of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

3. All India inter-university champion

4. 8 times champion of the state (Delhi)

5. Recipient of scholarship by chief minister of Delhi (thrice)

6. Champion of School Nationals.

She would summarize her life in one line-

"I'm simply grateful for everything that has happened to me & with me".

She has bigger plans for future and wants to be a part of the Olympics & win medals for the nation.

Message For Life: Her life motto is very clear- "today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday, so live in the moment & keep moving forward."