An Entrepreneur Man with a wise thought of living life as “Kha Pee k Maro, Bhookhe Mar k Kya Fyada".

Introduction – This is a story about a man who is into business and still manages to create the best Instagram and YouTube content, this man believes that if you want to start your Instagram Journey from scratch, then you have to stay consistent on your content which in future will give you fame, money, and recognition. So, we are talking about none other than, Dhiraj Khatri who lives in Bikaner, Rajasthan. By profession, he is in the business of sales and Distribution of Ultratech Cement. Apart from this, he is also a Travel and Food Instagrammer and YouTuber who is really dedicated to his work.

Also, he loves his family so much. He has a sweet nuclear family which includes his parents and his wife with his loving son. He really loves to spend his time with his family. His father is a State Government Employee and his mother is a homemaker.

Childhood- Dhiraj’s childhood was spent in Bikaner only with his parents. He did school in Bikaner and then graduated in BCA from MGSU and then after did MBA in marketing speciation from Sinhgad university in Pune

Life Journey- After completing all his education, he joined a business of concrete products with some relatives and came into the distribution of cement with them only. Recently, he started his own venture of distributing and selling cement. Meanwhile, he entered the space of social media and started creating content, firstly he started his journey with Travel and Food influencing and later came up as a lifestyle influencer also.

His life was with so many twists and turns. He says “it was exciting, it was horrible, it was struggling and it was lovely too. Also, he has some future plans in his mind which are a bit far to achieve.

His Favourite vacation place is Himachal and he likes beaches too.

His motto in life is to become someone on whom his parents and surroundings can proud

He also adds that inspiration comes from inside and if you work really hard on social media space will give you what you have dreamed of ever in your life. If you love to make content on social media and you are very much dedicated. Then, it can turn into a full time profession too.

Earnings and Followers- His current followers on Instagram are 56.1K and his earnings are good enough to meet his expenses and manage his Instagram in terms of getting content of all his niches and also support his day-to-day expenditure and a small part of his savings too.

Summary- He also adds, if you are consistent with your work and regular on your content. Then, one should find his/her appropriate niche which can be a full-time profession too. If you have to grow and earn in the space you must have patience and lots of dedication to your work.


• He tells, one should always engage with his/her audience and should know what kind of content his/her audience likes. One should deliver the type of content that the audience wants. This will help the audience to connect more and build their engagement.

• Also, keeping a consistent content calendar will help a person to grow. He also adds, posting daily and being regular can help the Instagram account to grow. Avoid fake Instagram, followers which will bring down your reach.

• Also, tell random people to follow you and you can ask your followers about the feedback and what kind of content they like. You can start working more on your best content and you can get really good results.

• He adds you can also schedule posts in advance on your social media and if one is busy attending an event or something then this trick can really help. Also, find your best time to post on social media this will give you high reach and high followers on Instagram. He also tells us to add appropriate hashtags according to our content.

He tells that these tips will be really helpful if one is starting to build his/her own social media and can help them to grow a lot.

He also tells us to live life to the fullest and every moment is special. Then, he adds “ Marna to sab ko hai toh kha pee k maro, bhookhe mar k kya fyada”.