INTRODUCTION -This is a story about a boy who is the top moss real estate influencer. We are talking about none other than “Anshul Bansal”, also known as Technocrat Anshul, on an online platform. Currently, he is the Top most Real Estate influencer in India, having more than 500k views daily on social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

CHILDHOOD- He was born and brought up in Chandigarh and is from the Aggarwal Baniya community and always wanted to be an entrepreneur. His parents are really supportive of his entrepreneurial journey. Also, her younger sister Akansha is also the top parenting blogger of India.

LIFE JOURNEY -By profession, he did a Bachelor of Technology and worked in an MNC for 4 years. But entrepreneurship was in his mind & heart, so he left his high-earning job to start his entrepreneurial journey.

He says “The company I worked for was great exposure to the real world and my ex-boss was my real mentor.”

He started with a parenting website and worked for many big companies for their promotions. After that, he started a YouTube channel in real estate and now his Channel has more than 670k subscribers and he also has a verified Profile on Facebook, having 241k followers, and also on Instagram, having more than 142k followers.

Combined, he has more than 1 million followers, which is the top most in India in Real estate influence. He is one of the most powerful influencers when it comes to Real Estate and he gains lots of reach and followers based on that.

He thinks life is beautiful and life gives you back what you seed. If you work hard and have high aims and work continually on the same aim unconditionally, then sky is the limit. I am a really optimistic person about the life and see life as a big opportunity.”

His favourite vacation place is Dubai as it is one of the best Architectural marvels in modern times and they have made it the next level in terms of interiors and Real estate. Being from his niche of Real estate has always impressed him.

His motto for life is “Work hard and party harder”.

He says “ I want to give a message to everyone here, to work hard on your aim with the best strategy and latest trends. Hard is the key to success, but hard work should be in the right direction”.


• He was the key Influencer for the International Property Show done by held Dubai the Government.

• He is the top popular influencer for real estate in India, as stated by Google Real estate influencer.

• He won the Top most Real Estate influencer award by Nardeco (The real estate agency of the Government)

FUTURE AIMS – He says “I think Influencing in India is the new television, but this is the future as most people have left earlier media sources like newspapers and television. So there is a huge audience based on social media. Where there is an audience, there are companies who want to promote their services and products. So Instagram is the best thing in the social media world right now.”

In the near future, he wants to go internationally to become the world's top best Real Estate influencer.


My Instagram following is 142k followers and my earnings are 4 times what I was earning in my MNC job.


• He wants to tell budding Instagrammers to follow their passion. He adds “Everyone is good in one of the fields and has a passion for that field may be in some sports, art, or social work.”

• Follow that passion and keep on posting in the same niche of your passion. Make sure that you follow some schedule in posting the content. If you keep on posting content consistently in the same niche, then Instagram will help you to keep you growing.

• Also, give value via your content to your audience.