Journey of a woman from engineer to become a social media influencer

INTRODUCTION- This is a story about a woman who is enthusiastic about her life. She quit her high-package job and became a full-time influencer. We are talking about none other than “Neha Tomar” who was the third ranker in her university. She is an Engineer by profession but left her job as she was not fully satisfied and started full-time as a content creator.

CHILDHOOD- Her childhood was good her dad was in the Indian Air force and her mother was a homemaker. She did her schooling at Kendra Vidyalaya. They are basically 3 siblings, which is 2 sisters and 1 brother. The other sister is a teacher and the brother is in Merchant Navy.

She shares a great bond with her family. But sometimes she gets disappointed when her brother is on ships and due to security issues, she is unable to connect with him.

AWARDS – She has won state level debate competition award

And National level hockey champion.

and was a 3rd ranker at her university.

LIFE JOURNEY- So, she was an Engineer and quit her job and went to full-time content creation. Her parent was disappointed but she told them that she wanted to do something else in life. She started uploading reels on Instagram and then it started getting viral. Then, she thought she can earn a good amount of money from Instagram. So, she started putting all of her efforts on Instagram and she is now earning well from it.

She also wants to start her entrepreneurial journey where she wants to start a clothing brand and she adds that it will be completed by this year.

Her favorite vacation is “In California, United States”.

Her motto in life is “Have peace”

From the start, she was a blessed child and got what she wanted. She is kind of bossy and likes to boss others around.


FUTURE AIM- In the future, she wants to collaborate with big brands like Manish Malhotra, she is still indulging with many famous brands such as Sugar, first cry, and WOW.

Also, she wants to grow her clothing brand and wants to give endorsements to other influencers.

She wants to grow on Instagram and she is working hard to achieve a blue tick.

INSTAGRAM JOURNEY- She started Instagram when her brother asked her to start her Instagram journey and told her to have a really cute baby and she can start her Instagram by showcasing her baby and then she started creating the real content. Then the brand started approaching me and then she started working with nice brands and then she started earning a good amount of money. She faulted herself and her kid on Instagram and reached a really good height.

She was very keen to start her journey as an influencer. So, she started and gain good followers and reach. It was her own decision and she quit such a high-paying job as an Engineer and started full-time content creation. She adds “do not lose hope, you will get whatever you want with that just be consistent and keep your efforts on.

FOLLOWERS AND EARNINGS- She has 50k above followers and her earnings are around 70k which is not fixed and keeps on changing every month


She tells everyone to don’t lose hope and to keep putting their energy and efforts into their work.

She also adds “nobody gets huge about of followers in a day, you must be consistent and have to work really hard

Also, engaging with followers really helps the page to grow

  • Find your perfect niche and start working towards it, it will lead to your correct path.
  • Do not run after followers and brands, keep your work so strong that brands should reach out to you
  • Keeping your work strong will take you miles ahead.
  • Don’t stop, just keep up the good work.

Sometimes, beginners will think my page is not growing and not getting much amount of reach and followers. so, we should quit or something. But she tells this should not be the case you have to give your 100%.