INTRODUCTION- This is a story about a girl who has a lot of creativeness inbuilt and wants to make people smile. We are talking about none other than Himani Sharma. She was born and raised in Delhi, and graduated from Delhi university. She is a full-time Influencer.

She says “I am fond of dancing. I like talking to people. I like traveling”


As a child, She was quite naughty and talkative, had many friends. She was raised in a Brahmin family. She values her traditional values. She was really close to her father but he passed away five years ago in an accident. She loves her family and family values.


She used to work for corporate corporations, but as she always used to be a creative person, she loved art like anything.

She says “So when social media took a boom like anything during lockdown, I started creating interesting content and slowly and gradually I got into this profession completely”.

And now she is happily working as a successful full-time Influencer. She would like to highlight it as ‘God threw an opportunity and she came out as an opportunist’.

Presently, till date she has worked with more than 300+ brands in the span of less than two years which includes mostly elite and renowned brands.

She loves visiting to Goa as she is a beach person, sitting on seaside for hours getting her the peace, satisfaction and happiness.

Her favourite movie is Neerja, she wishes she could also do something for our nation.

Her motto in life is to keep going with the positive attitude and make at least one person laugh each day, and try bringing happiness in people’s life.

Vivekanand Ji said life is a pain and I believe life mostly throws sadness to us but our choices makes our life interesting, good or bad. The kind of choices and decisions we tend to make in life that decides the present and future, so one needs to be wise while making the choices and decisions of life keeping in mind all the pros and cons.

BEAUTIFUL DREAM- She says “My only wish is to throw a lavish, luxury, extravaganza marriage ceremony for myself where in, I would like to invite only the families of maids, cobblers, labours, street hawkers, vegetable and fruit sellers etc. including their pick & drops, outfits and as a return gift I would want to sponsor their small family vacation trip to the nearby places”.


In upcoming years, she will see herself shining like a star on Instagram who’s unstoppable, famous, super successful, flying high in the sky.


She has 50,000 plus followers presently.

She adds, “If you want to achieve something in life, there is nothing which is impossible, all your dreams can come true with the right approach, so go for what u dreamed of and change that into reality.”

Message to Budding Instagrammers

What she believes is the only way to be successful is dedication.

She adds “The people who are dedicated to their work will eventually be successful one day. Only two types of people get success in life, one who is dedicated to never giving up an attitude and others who are all born with or develop specific talents. These are the two things which take the person the extra miles.

Also, interacting with the audience will give you more ideas about what content to post.

Keep doing the hard work, one day you will definitely see success.