Salima Suraiya Dosani serves society as a Parenting Coach, helping parents with kids of all age groups, including teenagers, to be effective in their role. She has two lovely kids - Soha and Arsh, who are 13 and 10 years old. She proudly uses her mom's name as her middle name, and her dad's surname, as she feels that both of them have contributed immensely in making her the person she is today.

Salima is an “APT” parenting coach. “APT” parenting is her abbreviation for “Adequate”, “Positive” & “Transformational”. Salima provides simple but effective techniques to parents which help them avoid and handle the challenges of parenting in every stage of their child's growth. She is certified by DEEP Parenting Foundation as a Parenting Coach. She conducts personal coaching sessions as well as APT Parenting Courses.

Salima is also a Learning & Development Specialist. She facilitates learning for corporates in the areas of project management, personality development and professional skills. Along with this, I am also a certified parenting coach.

As kids, Salima’s younger brother & she were always given a lot of love & equal opportunities to pursue their interests. Her parents never pressurized her to be a topper, although she was a bright student. They always motivated her to do her best & not get stressed out about the results. Even as a child, she was highly interested in doing creative handwork, in which her mom & dad supported her strongly. This helped immensely in increasing her self-confidence & will-based intelligence. She has been leading small teams for voluntary work & teaching right from the time she was 17 yrs old.

Salima was very inspired by the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. She believes she has chosen “the road not taken” by many people, in many aspects of her life. She completed her engineering degree with distinction, even though her aptitude test clearly identified non-engineering careers for her. She had an inter-religion marriage, adopted her daughter & gave birth to her son. Her children attend an alternate education school – a path not many parents are comfortable in choosing. She completed her PGDBM from IIM-Calcutta while she was pregnant. All these unique choices have made Salima a mesmerizing personality – she is a strong, confident & inspiring lady with an iron spirit that refuses to break, irrespective of how many challenges she faces in life!

She has had her set of challenges. She went through a divorce after investing a decade into her marriage, in which she had worked hard to maintain loving relationships between two families which were culturally very diverse. She lives alone with her children, balancing her career, her household responsibilities, her children’s education & extra-curricular activities, and takes loving care of her parents. Due to the stress of long office hours, especially in the pandemic, Salima developed a cervical medical condition, due to which she had to take 3 months sabbatical. This impacted her financially as well as emotionally. Despite this, her career growth was stunted due to arrogant corporate leaders & office politics.

Not a quitter, Salima combined her passion for parenting & teaching to become a Parenting Coach. After twenty years as an engineer & project / program manager, she ventured into the unchartered waters of learning & development in the corporate world. She enables people to identify what is holding them back from achieving their dreams & then helps them achieve their dreams!

Until now, life has been a beautiful journey in the winding ghats & plains, with family, friends, and sometimes even strangers who are angels sent by God to help those who believe… Every phase of life is like going to a new place for a vacation. There is so much to explore, so much to experience! When you move on to the next phase, you are richer in thought, feelings & emotions, and your heart is full of love & excitement for the journey ahead!

Awards & Certifications:

• Thought Leadership Award by KPIT Board of Directors

• Best Parenting Coach in the Women’s Conclave Award 2022

• Best Project Management Trainer in the Powerful Women’s Award 2023

• PGDBM from Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta

• Project Management Professional (PMP) & PMP Instructor from PMI (USA)

• Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) from iGNLP (USA)


Creating beautiful hand-made gifts – soft toys, knitting, crochet, felting, mandala

Travelling to explore the beauty of nature - beaches, mountains, rivers, forests

She aims to positively impact lives of 1 million children through parent coaching and facilitate learning for 1 million people to achieve their dreams

Salima says, "If you are looking for love & miracles, you are sure to find them! Don’t hesitate to take “The Road Not Taken” – it may lead you to the best experiences of your life!"