Ruchika Rana has been serving as the principal at M.R. Global School, Bawana, Delhi, for the last five years. She loves being a teacher and believes that education is the only way to bring out the best in the world. Ruchika is a very optimistic and strong-willed person who is adamant about helping underprivileged kids by providing them with an education.

As a child, she was very creative and always tried to find a unique approach to any day-to-day task. She loved herself more when she stood out from others.

Ruchika was born into a conservative Jaat community. Women with jobs, especially those who owned businesses, were not easily accepted in her community. However, her family stood behind her and provided her with all the support she needed. She is grateful to her father and her husband for helping her break the patriarchal values of the community and supporting her in reaching new heights. They pushed her to bring out the best version of herself and stood like pillars to help her fall back on.

She started her career in 2015 as a teacher after completing her undergraduate degree in education. Teaching was the one job that always appealed to her, and she had innovative ideas and methods that would cater to the new-age students. She worked with various private schools, government schools, non-governmental organizations, and content writers. She helped them build strategies for effective learning and development in children. This helped her realize her potential, and hence came the idea of starting her school.

She planned things out with her husband, and with the blessings of the Almighty and her parents and in-laws, they founded M.R. Global School. Gradually, her school started to be known for its child-centric education, sports, teaching methodologies, and infrastructure.

Her grandfather always wished to provide education to deprived kids, and therefore, the school has reserved 25% of the seats for children from the economically weaker section of society. The school was named M.R. Global School after her grandfather, Mr. Munshi Ram, and is a tribute to him.

Awards received by Ruchika Rana

- Best Emerging School of the Year 2022-23

- Top 100 School Principals in India

- Powerful Women Award

- Most Influential Educationist

Ruchika now aims to build multiple branches of the school in the next academic year. Her vision is to see M.R. Global School have multiple franchises and to help bring the light of education to every person in need of it.

Ruchika's motto is to believe in her attitude of never giving up, and her passion and perseverance for her work have always been the reason for her success. Life has never been easy for those who wish to aim for the stars. But she thought that if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. This is why she accepted all the hardships and struggles in her life. Now that Ruchika has lived her dream, she says that the view from the peak can only be enjoyed without fear after multiple falls.

Her message to all the women with dreams in their eyes and passion in their breath is that nothing in this world can ever replace hard work and persistence. There is no shortcut to success; there never has been and never will be one. The day you start believing in yourself will be the day you climb the first step on the ladder of success.

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