Mrigakshi Ray is a mid-management HR leader who is a firm believer in people-centricity. With her curated expertise and experience of over 14 years across industries, she has been taking care of employee engagement and employee relations. Ray is presently associated with IIFL Finance in the capacity of Assistant Vice President of Corporate HR.

She is also an avid traveler who has been to various destinations, discovering cultures and cuisines on the go!

Mrigakshi spent her childhood in the city of joy, Kolkata, where she soaked up the rich culture and laid-back aura. Her family, whom she considers to be the biggest blessing in her life, has always supported her in all her endeavors. Her father hails from the merchant navy and inculcated a life of principles and discipline in her from a very early age. Even though strict, her father has always been approachable throughout her childhood and has been her safe person, where she could pour all her feelings.

He inspired her to break all stereotypes. Her mother is the chirpiest and most resourceful lady she has ever come across, staying rock-steady during storms. It was her parents who developed her sense of people skills and empathy early on in her life. She is grateful to her parents for having her back since her childhood, even when her choices were non-conventional.

Ray's family is proud to have a daughter who is very dedicated to her work. Her father takes pride in the fact that he was able to inculcate a disciplinarian lifestyle in her while also making her a compassionate person. She is responsible and dutiful while also being an empath. They hope she continues to rise and shine.

For Mrigakshi, life has had its share of ups and downs, but overall, it has been good, and she is grateful for the journey. She evolved through the various stages of life and kept improving herself. This consistently helped her to have a truly happy soul. Her childhood friend and a friend she got in her early 20s have been constants through the thick and thin of life. She says that having a strong support system is the first step towards building a successful life, whether professional or personal.

Awards and accolades:

1. Women of Excellence: HRM by The Crazy Tales

2. Adversity = Opportunity by Accenture

3. Star of Business Encore Awards by Accenture

4. Round of Applause: Passion and Purpose by Accenture

5. Star of Quarter by Vinculum

Mrigakshi’s favorite vacation spot is Turkey, and her favorite movie is the comedy movie Baby’s Day Out.

Her motto in life is to live every day as if it were your last. This motto inspires her to live life to the fullest and not be stuck in a routine.

Mrigakshi’s life has been smooth sailing for the most part, but in the few instances where she did hit rock bottom, she realized that she is blessed to have such a strong support system that always has her back, no matter what. These experiences have strengthened her resilience and made her even stronger.

She has several plans and aims for the future and is very hopeful about achieving them. She believes that magic and miracles keep happening, and she should always keep believing and never stop working toward them.

Her message for all is: “Every puzzle in life has a solution; keep using empathy and logic together and you’ll get there!”