LifeStyle: Dr Priyanka Mohanty Earning the degree and name of a 'Doctor' and serving people with full dedication is a dream which many people see, but very few achieve it. Dr Priyanka Mohanty is one of them. She was like any other girl, living with her loving joint family in Kalahandi, Orissa. It was during her primary studies when she realized her dream to be a doctor. She never hated studies and knew how to perfectly balance every aspect of her life. But the chapters of science in her senior secondary school made her inclined towards medicine. After years of hard work, she made it to MBBS from Hi-Tech medical College, Bhubaneswar and successfully placed as medical officer in the Health department of the Government of Orissa. This was just the start of her dreams. Later she was associated with the Red Cross, UNICEF and other big names. She gave her best while walking in menstrual hygiene management and for the geriatrics age group. Now she also provides free health camps every three months for free of cost which includes tests and medicines. As a life member of Red Cross, Priyanka ensures to organize 100unit blood donation in every year.

Childhood :When it comes to family, we can call her lucky to have been born brought up in such a affectionate family. Where she was the closest to her grandparents. When asked about her family, Priyanka has long stories to share for every member but she keeps her grandmother and grandfather on the top place. No matter how many years passed and where she is, she always love and miss them too much. Her grandparents are behind the mission of recovering old age group people through medical intervention. All her blood donation camps are named after her grandmother's name 'Hemalata Mohanty'. This is enough to give us an idea of Priyanka's love and gratitude towards her Jejema. Back in 2019, when the country was badly suffering from covid-19 pandemic, she gave new life to more than 100 people by providing them covid kits, oxygen cylinders and medicines. Priyanka says this wouldn't have been possible without the constant support of her friends and family including Sai, Siddheswari, Shweta, Lopita, Amiya, Arunabh, Abhinabh, Mousumi, Mahesh, Sulagna, Abhijeeta.

Journey Of Life: Although her life was full of ups and downs where she faced both failure and success, She say that it's everyone's story and she is no different, But she never gave up. Life taught her so many things that now she loves taking challenges and fighting with them. She states "life is not the same every time. Sometimes we need to walk as a caterpillar and sometimes fly as a butterfly."

All her efforts never went in vain. The smiling and relieved people's faces were enough to give her satisfaction. It was her Sheer hard work that made her achieve a big name in many prestigious platform. She won 'the best Covid-19 warrior in pandemic' by Rotary International. They again honoured her by awarding as 'the youngest social activist of 2020'. Her strong desire and hard work to make India free from period shame made her achieve 'the pad girl of Odisha' award. Later, the powerful women awards team appreciated her efforts through 'the best humanitarian and philanthropist of 2022'. Priyanka also got featured as the cover girl in a local magazine of Orissa called Rebeati. Fox Story India noticed her and featured her "100" under 40, in 2022. The same year brought her another award of best rural doctor by health youth icon, ICMR, Odisha. She also won the youngest change maker Of Odisha by ICMR and Rortary Coaftal Bay. She is also recognised as one the icon of Asia by Ministry of Delhi. She lives like a nomad as she has a deep love for travelling. Till this date she has gone and stayed in different places in India but Kashmir and Kerala are her all-time favorites. She gives five star ratings to happy ending movies. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani are her favourite movies which she can be hardly be bored of.

She says Life never treated her badly as compared to the other griefs around her Where people cannot reach for help. She credits her well wisher for her motivation to work for people because they accepted how she is. No one asked her to change and supported her the best they could.

Achievements: There are 5 major goals that she wants to achieve soon. She wants to provide immediate ambulance and hospital services to old aged people, supporting underprivileged children to come out of PEM (protein energy malnutrition). She aspires to be the voice of every voiceless woman by giving them the right to education and confidence. She wants to travel to more places in the world and analyse how people communicate, think and work. Last but not the least she wants to abolish "period shame" and "period poverty" at Odisha by encouraging each and every girl or women for using pantry napkins during thier period.

Priyanka wants to convey her deep message across people "you are the author of your own book. Don't let others write the chapters of it. It's never about being popping or famous . It's about being better and making sure that this world can hear us and respect us .