Lifestyle: Dr.Pallavi Rahul Patil is a general and family physician.She has completed her Education in Nashik. She is born and brought up in Nashik. She was a studios child since her childhood, she has gone to Pethe Highschool from 1st standard to 12th class.

Education :She completed the following degrees:




Dr Pallavi Patil has completed her graduation from Dhanvantri Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Even she was an intern in the same college. She practiced General Medicine OPD and worked with many surgeons. Not only this, at the time of her practice, she assisted doctors in many surgeries.

After 3 years of practice, she worked as an assistant doctor of MD Medicine physician. She practiced for more than 8 years. After a lot of practice and experience, she opened her own OPD as a General and Family Physician.

As we said she was born in Nashik. Her parents live there for more than 45 years. Her brother is an Engineer. Only she is the one in the family that studied medicine. She is from a middle class family.

Pallavi Patil completed her education in Marathi medium. What motivated her is, she always saw her parents helping needy people since her childhood. Her parents was more into social work, this is what inspired her the most. When she became a doctor, she decided to help people who are in need and do social work as much as possible. Her husband is a Non Medical person who always supports her in clinical practice and OPD work.

Journey of life: There was an incident in her life that changed her thoughts. When she was 12 years old, her parents met with an accident and went into trauma and became unconscious. And this is where she decided to become a doctor. When she saw her parents suffering she was devastated and could not bear the pain and trauma her parents was going through. According to her, being a doctor is not an easy task. She sacrificed her personal life and many other things. Not only this, hard work of being a doctor means sleepless nights, no personal hobbies and more.

Achievements:Now she has many clinics by the name of Hindavi clinic in Nashik and she has a goal of running a hospital for poor people who finds it hard to pay for medical expenses.As of now she is user er best homeopathic knowledge in her clinic to help her patients.


Emergency CPR WORKSHOP- She got an Excellent Grade in the Workshop

Got first prize in Dandiya night events

Got an award for passing English preelimentry Exam

Passed with 76%in SSC EXAM AND 82% in HSC EXAM.

Got Many Certificates And Trophies in her field of Medical